The Golden Bachelor spoilers: Gerry Turner admits he’s falling in love at Hometowns

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor
Gerry Turner and the three remaining women are headed for Hometowns. Pic credit: ABC

On the last episode of The Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner sent three women home, leaving only three to move on to Hometowns.

That means this premiere season is almost over, which is both exciting and kind of sad, considering how much we’ve enjoyed watching it.

Now, we get to see Theresa, Faith, and Leslie in their own element and surrounded by their friends and family.

That will be a big treat for The Golden Bachelor viewers as we’ve already seen how they interact in the manufactured mansion environment.

It looks like things should be pretty interesting, too, as they introduce children and grandchildren to Gerry and get to know each other on a deeper level.

The Golden Bachelor spoilers for next week even share some cheeky grandkids that really put Gerry on the spot.

Gerry and his final three women are headed to their hometowns for eyebrow-raising meet-and-greets

In a sneak peek promoting the upcoming The Golden Bachelor Hometowns, Gerry Turner admits that heading to each of his remaining ladies‘ hometowns is “very intimidating.”

Based on what we saw, that’s totally understandable because some of these grandkids are very protective of their grandmothers, and one even tells him, “You better not hurt my grandma!”

While interacting with another group of kids, one tells him, “I just think that you should be the new Paw Paw.”

Yet another asks him, “Are you gonna marry my grandma?”

That’s some serious pressure!

Gerry admits he’s ‘in love with three women’

The interactions with the kids are very cute and fun, but things take a serious turn when Gerry realizes he must send one of these amazing ladies home.

That’s when he admits he’s in an “impossible situation” because he has fallen in love with all three.

At least he’s been smarter than Clayton Echard, who literally told them all he was in love. Gerry has been very careful to express his feelings while also being mindful of theirs and not promising too much. We appreciate him so much for how he cares for others, and it’s honestly made him very popular in Bachelor Nation.

He even says he doesn’t know how he will decide and that he’s “dying inside” while trying to make the decision.

He may not know who to pick, but we know who goes to the finale and who doesn’t get past Hometowns. If you want to know these The Golden Bachelor spoilers, click here.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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8 months ago

I seriously don’t think Theresa is right for Gerry.

8 months ago

MORE time is needed to find the right person to spend your life with.