Theresa Nist on The Golden Bachelor: What to know about New Jersey native headed to Hometowns

Theresa Nist on The Golden Bachelor
Theresa Nist made it to the Top 3 on The Golden Bachelor and is headed for the Hometown Dates. Pic credit: ABC

Theresa Nist has been through a lot during her time on The Golden Bachelor.

She was on the receiving end of some mean girl drama that she managed to survive.

The woman who couldn’t stop taking aim at her, Kathy Swarts, didn’t fare so well.

Gerry clearly isn’t for the drama, so after Kathy told Theresa to “zip it” regarding her connection and feelings, she was sent packing in the very next rose ceremony.

That didn’t stop Kathy, who made light of the situation on social media after being sent home.

Now, Theresa is getting the last laugh as she heads to Hometowns to introduce Gerry to her children and grandchildren.

Theresa Nist is a New Jersey native

Ahead of The Golden Bachelor’s Hometown Dates, Theresa shared a sneak peek of her time with Gerry Turner in her hometown of Shrewsbury, New Jersey.

In the caption of a sweet Instagram post that shows Theresa and Gerry meeting up in New Jersey, she wrote, “the feeling of Gerry arriving in my hometown! about to bring him home to meet my family… so excited.”

We can’t wait to see her family and find out what kind of date they enjoy.

What we know about Theresa is that she’s all about family — as she has two children and six grandchildren.

She loves to share them on Instagram, revealing that she is a proud “Soccer Nana.”

It seems that her energy and fun personality are authentic and not something she’s pushing for reality TV. She loves doing things with her grandkids and making memories that will last their lifetime.

She may be 69 years old, but this securities professional has more energy than most women who are decades younger.

The Golden Bachelor’s first season is almost over

We’ve made it to the Hometown Dates portion of The Golden Bachelor, meaning that the premiere season is nearly over.

There are only three women left as Gerry Turner tries to decide who he will propose to any of them.

Someone will go home after Hometowns, leaving only two women to go to Fantasy Suites and the finale.

We still have After the Final Rose and the Women Tell All to look forward to. We’re really hoping that the women actually do tell all because there’s got to be more to know about what went on in the mansion, especially between Kathy and Theresa, since there are other women (like Faith) that should have set Kathy off more.

As we head toward the finish line, it’s exciting to see who might end up on Gerry’s arm after all is said and done.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Linda Gerlinger
Linda Gerlinger
8 months ago

So happy Kathy went home. She was annoying and a backstabber. And the ugly facial expressions she made. I think she is mental