The Golden Bachelor: Kathy called out for being a ‘bully’ after coming for Theresa again

Kathy Swarts on The Golden Bachelor
Kathy Swarts solidified herself as a villain on The Golden Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

There has been quite a bit of drama surrounding Kathy and Theresa on The Golden Bachelor lately.

Kathy took aim at Theresa multiple times because she didn’t like the way Theresa talked about her interactions with Gerry, and she went a little bit too far.

After last week’s drama, Theresa took to Instagram to address her part in it while Kathy stayed quiet, instead celebrating her new group of friends who call themselves ASKN.

The Golden Bachelor viewers quickly renamed them, calling them “mean girls” instead.

Thankfully, Gerry saw right through Kathy’s drama, calling her out on the latest episode.

Viewers did too, and they took to social media to blast her for, yet again, taking aim at Theresa, whom she’s clearly jealous.

Kathy Swarts blasted for being a ‘bully’ on The Golden Bachelor

Calling out again how much Kathy looks like Caitlyn Jenner, one viewer wrote, “Theresa has made me cringe since Day 1 — (she’s the office admin always crying in the ladies room) but Kathy has the maturity of a 16 yr old bully and gave me serious Caitlyn Jenner vibes Apparently I’m a week late on that observation.”

Another viewer compared Kathy’s confrontation with a scene from Austin Powers.

In case Kathy thought it was Theresa’s fault she was going home, another viewer made sure to clear it up. She wrote, “Kathy it’s called karma. Theresa wasn’t the reason you didn’t get a rose. Your insecurity and you lashing out instead of stepping your game up is the reason you didn’t.”

No more ASKN on The Golden Bachelor

While Gerry Turner called Theresa’s name last again this week on The Golden Bachelor, he didn’t call Kathy’s, and that meant she was going home.

He also sent April home along with her, effectively breaking up the “mean girls” clique that had formed in the mansion.

Nancy made her exit earlier in the episode after a pickleball injury left her in a boot. She told Gerry she could tell that he was forming better connections with other women, and he didn’t argue that.

The only one left now is Susan, whom Gerry claimed reminded him of his wife in some very significant ways. He even gifted her with a gorgeous piece of rose quartz during a one-on-one that was surprisingly sweet.

He still clearly has better connections with other ladies in the house, but with us at the halfway point of the season, every second the women get with Gerry counts now, and there are only six women left of the original 22 that we met at the premiere.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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