The Golden Bachelor viewers predict one of these women will be The Golden Bachelorette — Here’s why

Faith Martin and Theresa Nist on The Golden Bachelor
The Golden Bachelor viewers are making spinoff predictions. Pic credit: ABC

We’re nearing the end of The Golden Bachelor’s premiere season, and while The Golden Bachelorette hasn’t been greenlit yet, it seems a certainty at this point.

Jesse Palmer weighed in on the possibility last month, and while he made it clear that it wasn’t his decision, the Bachelor Nation host said he was all for it.

As we get farther into The Golden Bachelor’s first season, viewers call for different women to take the helm.

And after the Hometown Dates, after Gerry Turner confessed his love to two different women, more predictions are coming in.

Calls for a Golden Bachelorette lead started with Joan Vassos when she self-eliminated to be with her daughter.

Then, we heard more calls for a woman-led spinoff lead when Gerry sent Susan, Ellen, and Sandra home, keeping Theresa, Faith, and Leslie.

Now, predictions have changed a bit, and for good reason, because Gerry did something we certainly didn’t expect as he met families and worked on connections during Hometown Dates.

Here’s what The Golden Bachelor viewers are saying about a possible Golden Bachelorette lead now

During Hometown Dates, Gerry Turner did something that a few Bachelor leads have been criticized for doing in the past — he told two different women that he loves them.

That is the reason The Golden Bachelor viewers believe that either Faith Martin or Leslie Fhima will become the first The Golden Bachelorette lead.

After all, it would follow the format we’ve seen before, where The Bachelor lead professes his love for a woman, doesn’t choose her, and then moves on to star in the next Bachelorette season.

And since this spinoff has followed the original show’s format almost entirely, this doesn’t feel like a stretch.

One viewer took to Twitter to share this prediction, writing, “One of these ladies is the #GoldenBachelorette now that he went and gave them that tragic ‘but you said you loved me!’ arc. I’m ready.”

The Golden Bachelor spoilers reveal who gets a rose and who goes home after Hometown Dates cliffhanger

Ahead of Hometown Dates, Gerry admitted that he was falling in love with all three women, and then, surprisingly, he told two of them that he was in love.

That elicited a response from fellow Indiana native Ben Higgins, who did the same thing during his season.

When it came down to the rose ceremony, Gerry quickly gave a rose to Leslie, and then reality hit. One of these women was going home, and he didn’t want to say goodbye to any of them.

Telling the camera that he felt like he was going to throw up, Gerry bent over with hands on his knees as the women waited for him to return and decide their fates.

That’s when we got a “to be continued” and found out that we wouldn’t be watching anyone go home during that episode, instead having to tune in for next week.

However, Reality Steve spoiled the final two back in August, so we already know who gets the rose and who goes home. And while we won’t put that information here, as some may still not want to know, you can click here to read on and find out.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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