The Golden Bachelor viewers can’t agree on who should be The Golden Bachelorette

Ellen, Sandra and Susan on The Golden Bachelor
With only three women left on The Golden Bachelor, viewers are already arguing over who should be The Golden Bachelorette lead. Pic credit: ABC

We’re getting down to the wire on The Golden Bachelor with Hometowns coming up next week.

There are only three men left vying for Gerry Turner’s heart, which is an actual move from the original The Bachelor format, where typically four women get the honor of introducing the lead to their families.

Gerry admitted that it was painful for him to make the cuts, as he has developed lifelong relationships with all the women there.

But he made those cuts, sending Sandra, Susan, and Ellen home. He admitted that the decision not to give Ellen a rose was the most painful.

As with any Bachelor Nation show, some women stood out more than others, and viewers definitely have their favorites.

With another spinoff likely coming, given the unbelievable popularity of The Golden Bachelor, there is already a conversation going about who should be the first The Golden Bachelorette lead, and so far, what we’ve uncovered is that there’s no clear-cut choice.

Here’s who Bachelor Nation wants to see as the first The Golden Bachelorette lead

It was surprising (unless you read The Golden Bachelor spoilers) that Gerry sent Ellen home and didn’t move on to Hometowns with her.

She admitted several times that she was falling in love, and he seemed smitten by her, too.

But his move to send Ellen off definitely put her at the top of the list for the women-led season that we fully expect Bachelor Nation to give us.

One viewer made it clear that she wants Ellen, writing, “Not Ellen pretending to motorboat Susan!!! If she isn’t the first Golden Bachelorette, I swear…”

Ellen is beautiful and fun, so we’d have to agree that a Golden Bachelorette season with her is a great idea.

But Susan is also a hoot, and like this viewer, we could totally see a fun season with her in charge. They wrote, “Please let Susan be #thegoldenbachelorette I freakin LOVE this woman. I want to be friends.”

Sandra is pretty amazing, too, and unlike those who went home to deal with family matters, she proved how committed she was when she missed her daughter’s wedding in an effort to secure love for herself.

A big Sandra fan wrote, “SANDRA FOR GOLDENBACHELORETTE!!!!! #goldenbachelor She deserves all the men to choose from!!!! Period.”

Of course, there have been others called out to lead a season, including Joan Vassos, as she left to go be with her daughter, who had just given birth.

She had an amazing connection with Gerry and had just come off a spectacular date when she decided that she had to put her family first.

Gerry and three women move forward to Hometowns

After the difficult decision to send Susan, Ellen, and Sandra home on the latest episode, Gerry is moving forward to Hometowns with Faith, Leslie, and Theresa.

All three women have made a huge impact on Gerry, and all are falling for him in their own right.

Last week, we learned we were at the halfway point, but now it feels like this season is nearly over, as there aren’t many women left, and we’re about to meet their friends and families.

From there, two should move on to Fantasy Suites and then to the finale, where we still don’t know the spoilers about who actually wins Gerry’s heart, the season, and a proposal — or if any of that even happens at all.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Cherie Walker
Cherie Walker
7 months ago

I hope he chooses Faith. However, I wanted him to choose Ellen

7 months ago

Theresa looks like the joker

Sharon miller
Sharon miller
7 months ago