The Golden Bachelor viewers call for Joan Vassos to be The Golden Bachelorette

Joan Vassos on The Golden Bachelor
Joan has a lot of support from The Golden Bachelor viewers. Pic credit: ABC

Gerry Turner has won over Bachelor Nation, and The Golden Bachelor has quickly become the most-watched show in the franchise in recent years.

That has viewers speculating about another possible spinoff — The Golden Bachelorette.

Jesse Palmer heard the calls for a woman-led version of the show and already said he’s all in.

He’s not the one to make the call on a new show, though.

But if The Golden Bachelor ratings say anything, it’s that a Golden Bachelorette is a must for Bachelor Nation.

And The Golden Bachelor viewers already know who they want to be the first female lead.

Joan Vassos for The Golden Bachelorette!

Joan Vassos easily had the best connection with Gerry Turner following an amazing one-on-one date, but the tables turned when he pulled up to the mansion in episode 3, and she told him she had to go.

Joan had just become a grandma, and her daughter experienced complications during delivery that required a cesarian section. She was worried about her family and felt the need to say goodbye to Gerry early and head home.

That broke Gerry’s heart, and he cried as she left, but it didn’t change how Bachelor Nation felt about her.

After Joan’s departure, The Golden Bachelor viewers took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to call for Joan’s return.

And not to The Golden Bachelor, though some think she might return later, given her amazing connection with Gerry. Many want her as the first Golden Bachelorette (as long as production greenlights another new show.)

“Joan for golden bachelorette please,” one viewer pleaded on social media.

Another wrote, “Dare I say Joan for The Golden Bachelorette???”

Yet another wrote, “Joan has everything #BachelorNation would want in a #GoldenBachelorette.”

This is a small sampling over many posts calling for Joan to be the lead if a Golden Bachelorette spinoff were to happen.

Drama is brewing on The Golden Bachelor

In the same episode where we saw Joan Vassos exit, we also saw the remaining women start to turn on each other.

The drama was high when Kathy called out Theresa for bragging about her connection with Gerry. At least in what we’re watching, it doesn’t seem like Theresa was doing anything wrong, but Kathy was certainly feeling sensitive about how she was talking about her time with The Golden Bachelor star.

Of course, Kathy didn’t say anything to Theresa; she told the other women. Then, the women told Theresa, but not before Kathy told Gerry that some women may not be as nice as he thinks.

She ended up getting a sympathy rose out of it, which she immediately went back to show the other women — just a little bit hypocritical.

Then, Theresa also went to Gerry to confess that she was the one Kathy was talking about, and he was shocked.

There was even more drama between Kathy and Theresa right at the end when Theresa opened up about Gerry coming to her room to comfort her. Kathy stopped her mid-sentence to tell her those are the things she should keep to herself, but she only opened up after Kathy asked.

We’ll see how this plays out next week because Gerry doesn’t seem like the type that would let the women just be catty for no reason.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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