Ben Higgins reacts to Gerry Turner telling two women he loves them on The Golden Bachelor

Ben Higgins from The Bachelor and Gerry Turner from The Golden Bachelor
Ben Higgins spoke out after Gerry Turner told all three women he loves them. Pic credit: ABC

Ben Higgins knows a thing or two about being The Bachelor lead.

He also knows what it’s like to tell more than one woman that he loves them on the show.

In fact, Ben has said that telling Lauren and JoJo he loved them was one of his big Bachelor regrets.

So when Gerry raised eyebrows on The Golden Bachelor by telling more than one woman that he loved them, Ben knew exactly how he felt.

And he was quick to share his opinion about why Gerry did what he did.

Several The Golden Bachelor viewers were not impressed by Gerry’s love confessions, but Ben seems ready to cut him some slack.

Gerry Turner is crazy in love

As Gerry Turner made his way to each of his final three women’s hometowns, he seemed to start out carefully.

When he was in New Jersey with Theresa Nist, he didn’t come right out and tell her, “I love you.”

Instead, he told her family he didn’t know if he was in love. Then, when Theresa confessed her feelings to him, Gerry responded with a weak “That makes me feel so special!”

He was less careful when he headed to Washington to spend time with Faith Martin. As Gerry said goodbye so he could head to Minneapolis for his one-on-one with Leslie, he confessed, in front of Faith’s family, that he loved her before making out in front of kids and grandkids, who were squirming awkwardly.

Then, when Gerry was in Minneapolis, he responded to Leslie’s love confession by telling her, “A wise man told me don’t walk by an opportunity to tell someone you love them if you love them. And Leslie, I love you!”

Ben Higgins downplays Gerry Turner’s love blunder

Clearly, Ben Higgins is keeping up with The Golden Bachelor, and he seems to relate to fellow Indiana native Gerry Turner.

After watching Gerry confess his love for Faith and Leslie, Ben took to X (formerly known as Twitter) and wrote, “He is an Indiana boy…those Indiana boys have a lot of love to give.”

And while he may have a lot of love to give, telling two women that you love them at any point in a Bachelor journey is a sure way to upset viewers and break hearts.

It’s also likely why we got a cliffhanger at the end of the episode after Gerry gave Leslie a rose and had to hand out just one more, sending one woman home.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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