The Golden Bachelor spoilers: Gerry Turner is under pressure as all the women are falling in love

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor
Gerry Turner had second thoughts on The Golden Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

The competition is getting stiffer, and the pressure is on for Gerry Turner as we reach Week 5 of The Golden Bachelor.

According to the latest sneak peek for The Bachelor spinoff, we’re learning that the pressure is almost too much, causing our favorite Bachelor Nation lead to struggle over whether he should stay or throw in the towel.

Hometowns are coming up soon, and we’re already down to just six women standing after sending home three of the most problematic ladies last week: Kathy, April, and Nancy.

After handing out roses in Week 4, we learned which three women had caught Gerry’s eye at this point, and that revelation wasn’t exactly shocking.

But we can’t even imagine who he might send home next, as Gerry admits he’s formed a close connection with everyone who is left.

So it’s no surprise that Gerry is stressing about his next move, as he wants to make sure he finds the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

The Golden Bachelor sneak peek proves everyone loves Gerry

The Golden Bachelor viewers are in love with Gerry, and based on a sneak peek of the next episode, the women on the show are falling for him, too.

The upcoming dates are thrilling, with helicopter rides, rollercoasters, and plenty of making out.

It should surprise no one that it’s also the point where the women start telling Gerry they’re falling in love with them. Seriously, all of them are spilling their guts, making Gerry’s decisions even more difficult as the weeks go on.

After several of the women share their feelings, Gerry can be heard in the voiceover saying, “I’ve found a genuine lasting love with more than one person.”

Unfortunately, polyamory isn’t in the cards for Gerry, and the difficulty in choosing just one woman just about puts The Golden Bachelor lead over the edge. He’s seen in tears (again) and pacing the hallway as he says, “I think it’s time for me to go.”

Gerry revealed his top 3 women

While filming the last episode, Gerry was asked which women had caught his eye at that point.

And since it was midway through the season, that was the time to be on Gerry’s radar.

He shared that he was definitely feeling Ellen, Leslie, and Faith after spending time and getting to know each one.

The other three, Theresa, Susan, and Sandra, have all been getting plenty of air time (and one-on-one time), so it will be hard for Gerry to decide who moves forward.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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