The Family Chantel viewers have mixed reactions to Nicole Jimeno’s posh new look

Nicole Jimeno
Nicole Jimeno has The Family Chantel viewers divided on her new glam look. Pic credit: TLC

Nicole Jimeno has gotten a lot of air time on The Family Chantel after being featured on 90 Day Fiance and Happily Ever After? with her brother Pedro. Throughout that time she has significantly glowed up and a recent post of hers pointed to her glam transformation, although viewers are divided on how they feel about it.

Nicole has earned herself some haters with her serious attitude, the chip on her shoulder, and her lack of empathy for those around her. Conversely, Nicole has many admirers who think that she is strong for standing up for herself and commend her for putting herself first.

Either way, fans’ and critics’ feelings were expressed on an Instagram post that highlighted Nicole’s fierce new look.

Nicole Jimeno debuted a new look that sparked mixed reviews from The Family Chantel fans

A popular 90 Day fan page shared recent pictures that Nicole posted on her Instagram. In the photos that look professionally done, Nicole is wearing a glamourous dress that makes her look very polished.

The fan page encouraged Nicole’s hot new look in the caption by saying, “Yaas!!!! @nicole.jimeno YAASSS!! (Fire emojis).”

Mixed reactions were present in the comments where Nicole dropped her appreciation to the fan page’s post.

One person remarked about her resemblance to her absent father’s side of the family when they said, “She does look like the other junior.”

Another person exclaimed, “Dang don’t hurt em Nicole (fire emojis).”

Then there were critics who had some harsh things to say. One hater commented, “Her personality is childish and nasty that makes them ugly and act like a grown woman and then well talk about beauty.”

A different critic wrote, “No matter how pretty someone is if their personality is c**p it automatically makes them ugly.”

IG post about Nicole Jimeno
Pic credit: @90daythemelanatedway/Instagram

Nicole Jimeno and Alejandro Padron’s relationship has taken a back seat to Pedro Jimeno’s drama

Season 2 of The Family Chantel was largely about Nicole’s relationship with Alejandro and everyone’s feelings about it since he was a married man.

This season viewers learned that Alejandro got divorced, and Nicole has forgiven him for responding to another woman on social media, but that’s largely where their coverage stopped.

Instead, Pedro’s painful quest to find answers about his father has taken over the season, and viewers have only been hearing about Alejandro from Nicole sporadically.

The Family Chantel is on Mondays on Discovery+.

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