The Family Chantel recap: Unannounced and uninvited

Chantel and Pedro on the couch
Viewers got to catch up with The Family Chantel during Episode 1 of Season 3. Pic credit: TLC

The Family Chantel premiered its third season and viewers got to catch up with Chantel and Pedro and their family members as their new and ongoing drama was explained.

Chantel’s big achievement, her family’s relationship with Royal and Angenette, and Pedro’s sister Nicole’s life were all highlighted.

Chantel Everett’s family is still having serious issues

As Chantel graduated from nursing school amid the coronavirus pandemic, she broke it to Pedro that her salary would not be as much as he thinks it will be. During Chantel’s family BBQ to celebrate her graduation Chantel’s family told Pedro he needs to step it up now.

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The family left Royal and Angenette’s Philippines wedding on a sour note that apparently has not been repaired yet because Royal and Angenette have not been communicating with the rest of the family and purposely ignoring everyone.

Karen said it had been a few months since the wedding and not talking to her son so she decided to be proactive and go over to Royal and Angenette’s house. They did not come to the door for her and Royal told Karen over the phone to keep giving them space.

Winter got back and moved in with Jah who she brought to Chantel’s graduation BBQ. Jah was outwardly nice and complimentary but Chantel’s family quickly told him not to be so comfortable and that they needed to address the elephant in the room.

The Family Chantel
Chantel’s family gathered to celebrate Chantel’s graduation. Pic credit: TLC

Nicole Jimeno is on the rocks with Alejandro Padron and she wants breast implants

Nicole explained that when she went to New York to visit Alejandro for a week the pandemic hit and she was stuck there for three months. She said during that time she and Alejandro fought a lot and weren’t able to communicate well.

To make matters worse she told her mom, who hates Alejandro, that he still hasn’t filed for divorce.

Nicole met up with her friend Coraima who she also told about the turbulence in her relationship. She added that she really wants to get a boob job and that Alejandro vehemently opposes the idea. Coraima said she thinks Nicole should break up with Alejandro at this point.

At her breast implant consultation, Nicole decided to go through with the operation after seeing what the enhancement could look like for her.

Nicole Jimeno
Nicole wants breast implants against the wishes of Alejandro. Pic credit: TLC

The Family Chantel is on Mondays on Discovery+.

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