The Family Chantel fans remark on Winter Everett’s glow-up

Winter Everett
Winter’s glow-up has stunned The Family Chantel fans and she was praised in a social media post. Pic credit: TLC

Winter Everett has undergone an incredible physical transformation and The Family Chantel fans have certainly taken notice of her glow-up and have been talking about it on social media.

A lot of Winter’s success has been attributed to her breakup from Jah with whom she had a toxic seven-year relationship since she got out of high school.

The Family Chantel viewers saw Winter’s inner and outer progress on Season 2 and 3 of The Family Chantel, but she has really put in work since the cameras stopped rolling and often shares workout pictures and shows off her weight loss.

Winter Everett is receiving praise from The Family Chantel fans for her glow-up

Even though Season 3 of The Family Chantel came to a close, Winter is still widely talked about by fans on social media for her incredible physical progress and motivational posts.

In one particular support post for Winter, a fans page displayed two pictures of Winter before her breakup from Jah and two photos after.

The differences can be seen in the weight loss but where the point was really made was in the caption.

The 90 Day fan page wrote, “The glow up! Yessss! Shes always been beautiful but there’s something about the glow of a woman who also is starting to love themselves.”

IG post about Winter Everett
Winter was praised in a post about her glow-up. Pic credit: @i.b.trash.talkin/Instagram

The comments section of the post emphasizing Winter’s glow-up was filled with fellow supporters who wanted to agree with the fact that she has always been beautiful but even more so now that she has freed herself from negativity.

One fan remarked, “She’s always been beautiful but that’s a real glow up!”

While another exclaimed, “She is stunning, but always has been gorgeous!”

IG post about Winter Everett
Pic credit: @i.b.trash.talkin/Instagram

Why was Winter Everett and Jah’s relationship toxic?

24-year-old Winter had never had a relationship before 27-year-old Jah and a lot of responsibility was put on her in the relationship because he already had a daughter.

Then, come to find out through Winter’s mother Karen’s mistrust and her retention of a private investigator, that Jah had another child that he was keeping a secret from Winter.

They broke up for almost a year over that drama before they got back together in time for Season 3 of The Family Chantel but Jah’s behavior became shadier.

He believed in having traditional roles for men and women and wanted Winter to call him “Lord”. He also followed a biblical diet and wouldn’t allow any celebration of holidays.

Once Winter broke things off he kept her from seeing his young daughter who had grown attached to Winter as a mother and vice versa.

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus.

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