The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett and her sister Winter strike a pose in matching pajama shorts

Chantel and her sister Winter stun in matching pajamas.
Chantel and her sister Winter stun in matching pajamas for The Family Chantel premier. Pic credit: TLC

The Family Chantel stars Chantel and Winter Everett, absolutely stunned in their matching pajamas for the show’s premiere. 

Winter had a chance to show off her new body, and fans loved it. 

Winter and Chantel rock matching pajamas

In a recent post, Chantel and Winter Everett are purely glowing in their matching silk pajamas. 

Chantel is pictured wearing a black pajama set, while Winter wears a much bolder pink set. 

Chantel and Winter’s brother River posted a photo of the three on the night of The Family Chantel’s premiere. 

River captioned the photo and said, “Pajama premiere party (sunglass emoji).” 

Fans gawked over how good Winter looked 

In last week’s episode, fans learned that Winter had finally decided to go and get weight loss surgery. 

In previous seasons, fans saw that Winter had struggled so much with her weight, and she was actively trying to improve her weight, even though she was in a very toxic relationship. 

Winter felt as though everyone was constantly comparing her to Chantel, and she felt so low because she was not as slim as Chantel. 

After Winter was able to get out of that toxic relationship, she decided that weight loss surgery was the best option for her. 

Fans were shocked by Winter’s weight loss transformation and only had good things to say about Winter’s transformation on River’s post.

A fan complimented Winter on how good she looks and tells winter to keep up the good work. The fan said, “Hey, now(fire emoji) looking, so girl, keep up the good work you’re doing. Lifting weights (strong arm emoji) eating good. Proud of you (red heart emoji).”

One fan encourages Winter to keep up the good work on her weight loss journey.
Pic credit: @iamriverknight/Instagram

Another fan commented how much they love the three siblings, offering Winter a well wish. The fan said, “I love all of you!!! Winter, you look absolutely amazing!! I hope you find a man that treats you like the queen you are!” 

Fans admire Chantel and her siblings.
Pic credit: @iamriverknight/Instagram

After Winter’s surgery, Winter has been exhibiting so much more confidence in herself. 

Winter is very active on social media now and has no problem getting in front of a camera to snap photos of herself and leave encouraging messages for others. 

Winter has come a long way with her weight loss journey, and she is beginning to become the woman she has always wanted to be. 

Fans will have to stay tuned in to upcoming episodes to follow Winter’s journey and see how far she progresses personally and how her and Chantel’s relationship will flourish

The Family Chantel airs Mondays on TLC at 8/7c.

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