The Circle Season 3: Who is influencer Ava Capra and where can you find her on Instagram

Ava Capra poses
The Circle Season 3 star, Ava Capra, is no stranger to reality television. Pic credit: Netflix

Ava Capra was recently sent home twice on The Circle after attempting to catfish fellow contestants in two unique ways. 

Ava and her sister Chanel Capra were quite the characters during their brief time on the show and, considering Ava’s past in entertainment, it’s not surprising that the two were so entertaining to watch. 

Who is Ava Capra?

Ava Capra is a 26-year-old multifaceted entertainer from Los Angeles, California. 

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According to Ava’s Instagram bio, the blonde bombshell is a singer, actress, model, and influencer and has over 233k followers. 

Ava’s Christianity is very important to her and in the past, Ava has described herself as a “really cool Christian” as well as a “flower child” and a “lover of life.”

Ava also shared that she grew up pretty sheltered because she was homeschooled as a child. She appears to be family-oriented and loves spending time with her older sister, Chanel Capra, who competed with her on The Circle. 

Chanel and Ava have a significant age gap between them, with Chanel being in her 40s. Due to this age gap, Chanel expressed being like a “sister mom” to Ava as well as her manager. 

Ava loves selfies and the camera and appears very involved in the influencer lifestyle. She enjoys sharing tons of photos that show off her physique and exciting ventures. 

On Instagram, Ava can be found by the handle @avacapra. 

Ava Capra was on America’s Next Top Model 

The Circle was not Ava’s first rodeo in reality television. About six years ago, Ava was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22.

America’s Next Top Model often would shake things up and even try to make some unique statements. Ava Capra was featured on the cycle where shorter guys and girls were able to compete since shorter people face more challenges in the modeling industry.

At only 19-years-old, Ava did pretty well in the grueling competition and managed to stand tall even despite being 5’5 and being forced to get a mullet during the makeover episode. 

Ava’s motto on the show was “keep your legs closed and your bible open.” 

Similar to her time on Netflix hit, The Circle, Ava was eventually sent home on ANTM and then had the opportunity to come back, however she did not win the coveted title of America’s Next Top Model.

While Ava and Chanel didn’t last too long on The Circle, it seems the reality series might help boost Ava Capra’s influencer platform even more. 

The Circle airs Wednesdays on Netflix. 

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