The Challenge’s Kam Williams shares ‘unwarranted opinions’ pregnancy video, Rihanna and castmates react

the challenge star kam williams
Kam Williams shared a video spotlighting the opinions pregnant women endure from others. Pic credit: iAmKamiAM/YouTube

The Challenge finalist Kam Williams has been enduring “unwarranted opinions” from others about her pregnancy, as she shared in a humorous video update.

Kam, who revealed she was pregnant with her boyfriend Leroy Garrett’s first baby last December, gave viewers an idea of the sorts of things she’s heard people say.

That’s included everything from comparing her size to theirs during a particular stage of pregnancy to suggesting her hormones are the cause of the way she may have reacted to their “rude” comments.

Kam Williams shares funny ‘unwarranted opinions’ video

In her new Instagram video, Double Agents runner-up Kam Williams delivers line after line of the various opinions she’s been hearing from other people.

“Wow, you been eatin’ a lot. I can tell because your face is gettin’ so fat!” Kam says in one part called The One Who Has Opinions of Your New Size You Didn’t Ask For.

“Wow, your hormones are so out of control. It’s definitely not the rude, unwarranted opinions of mine,” she says in another part called The Rude One That Blames It On Your Hormones.

She shares other “unwarranted opinions” that people gave her, including how “big” she looks at her stage of the pregnancy and how her nose looks.

“When people ask how pregnancy’s going so far,” Kam wrote in her IG caption.

“No but for real, these are all comments that I’ve actually gotten so far ? & not just from random people either. Now I need y’all to answer this for me? Is it the hormones or would these make anyone feel some kind of way?” she asked in the caption.

“YES, normally I do have tough skin, and can laugh at anything especially myself, but when I really sit and think I’m likeeee ? yeah it can’t just be me LOL. I don’t think I’ll find these funny after the baby either ?,” Kam shared.

She then opened it up in the comments asking if other moms have experienced similar things and praised those who have shown her love and support so far.

“Just a reminder to everyone else to be nice & watch your words and tone with pregnant people!” Kam advised those reading the caption.

Castmates react to Kam’s pregnancy video

As of this writing, Kam’s video had nearly 15,000 Likes and 500 Comments from fans, followers, castmates, and Rihanna. She’s also going through her first pregnancy right now as she’s expecting her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky. The singer left several crying laughing emojis, prompting Kam to respond.

rihanna leaves comment on kam williams video
Pic credit: @iamkamiam_/Instagram

The Challenge: All Stars 2 winner Jonna Mannion commented, adding her favorite: “when a complete stranger touches your belly.”

jonna mannion comments about unwarranted pregnancy opinions
Pic credit: @iamkamiam_/Instagram

“Omg im shocked people are this rude! You are NOT the one to be saying these things to. Bless their poor hearts. ? if u get tired of setting these dummies straight…. I got u,” two-time Challenge winner Cara Maria Sorbello commented.

cara maria comments kam williams pregnancy video
Pic credit: @iamkamiam_/Instagram

“Do u ur gunna be the best mommy,” Kam’s former castmate Natalie Negrotti commented.

natalie negrotti comments about kam williams pregnancy
Pic credit: @iamkamiam_/Instagram

“Kam !!! You better check them! ?? you are perfect and you look perfect. They can all sit down,” Total Madness castmate Bayleigh Dayton commented.

the challenge castmate bayleigh dayton comments on kam ig video
Pic credit: @iamkiam_/Instagram

Kam and Leroy revealed pregnancy before Christmas

For Challenge castmates Leroy and Kam, their pregnancy came as a blessing, with the couple announcing the big news in Instagram posts on December 22. Kam called it “by far the best gift we’ve been able to give & ever receive” for the Christmas holiday.

The couple officially revealed the sex of their child in early February in an Instagram video featuring Leroy holding blue balloons and Kam holding pink balloons. After joking around a bit, Kam let all of her balloons go, leaving Leroy with the blue balloons.

They’ll be the latest Challenge stars to welcome a baby boy, joining Kyle Christie, who welcomed a son last year with girlfriend Vicky Turner, as well as castmates Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols.

Kam’s now been pregnant for several months, and despite all those “unwarranted opinions,” seems to be handling it quite well. Thankfully she has the love and support of many fans, castmates, and of course, her man Leroy.

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