The Challenge’s Jenna Compono shares pregnancy update, baby bump photos

jenna compono and zach nichols pose at outdoor event
Expecting parents Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols of The Challenge at an outdoor event Pic credit: @zachnichols15/Instagram

Each day, three-time Challenge finalist Jenna Compono is getting closer to giving birth to her and her husband Zach Nichols’ first child. She recently gave fans an update on how she feels “officially prepared” for the journey that’s ahead.

Jenna, who last appeared on Total Madness season, has regularly been sharing photos of her baby bump and talking about her preparations for giving birth in several months.

She revealed that one part of her current life has been helping her get ready for some of those unexpected parts of motherhood that are on the way.

Jenna posts pregnancy update, baby bump photo

While being a competitor on The Challenge is hard work, Jenna is now approaching a new challenge in terms of the birth of her first child and being a parent. She’ll have hubby Zach Nichols along the way and recently shared how she feels “prepared for motherhood.”

In an Instagram post on Friday, Jenna let fans know about her latest trials and tribulations of already being a mom of sorts, as she’s been raising a fur baby named Bocce.

In Jenna’s post (below), she indicated that Bocce has had numerous health issues in the past two weeks. That included water intoxication, a yeast infection in his toes, and getting stung by a bee near his eye, among other issues. Some of these issues required trips to the hospital or veterinarian to get him treatment and medication.

While raising a pet isn’t anything like raising a child, it certainly brings its share of stressful moments and a bit of preparation for dealing with unexpected issues that arrive. Based on her recent Instagram post, it seems Jenna has been able to navigate these various emergencies or issues effectively as they arrive.

As mentioned, she will have her husband Zach Nichols to help out too. The Challenge stars tied the knot in a private “mini” wedding ceremony back in March. While their relationship has had its share of challenges, once their baby is born, that will bring new challenges that she and Zach have never faced.

Jenna and Zach share baby bump photos ahead of due date

In addition to her own account, Jenna also has a baby Nichols account on Instagram, where she shares other pregnancy updates. On Friday, Jenna shared another photo of herself in her yellow dress, all smiles as she showed off her baby bump from a side view.

“10 weeks to go!” she shared, putting the expected due date sometime in late August of this year.

Zach appears ready to embrace being a first-time dad too. He shared a recent image on his official Instagram page, showing off the mom-to-be with her baby bump during an outdoor event they attended.

Zach didn’t provide a caption but instead used an emoji to represent Jenna, and the smiles on their faces seem to say it all about their excitement for their upcoming arrival.

The future parents certainly look happy and are probably anxious for that due date to arrive so they can begin enjoying their journey with the new addition to the family.

Zach has shared other updates on his official Instagram page, including one on May 31, with the caption “27 weeks!” and a set of photos of him and Jenna holding up matching signs.

Jenna and Zach originally revealed they were expecting their first child this past Valentine’s Day. Several weeks later, the couple showed a video from their gender reveal event, where they revealed they were expecting a baby boy.

Their child will be one of several babies born for Challenge stars this year. Zach’s former The Real World castmate, Ashley Kelsey, recently gave birth to her and boyfriend Kerryon Johnson’s first child, a baby girl. Former The Challenge castmate Theresa Jones is expecting her third child in the next several weeks.

Will Zach and Jenna return to The Challenge?

Based on Jenna and Zach’s image shares, it seems both of The Challenge stars are ready for this new phase of their lives to arrive. As one would expect, it will likely keep one or both of them away from the competitive reality TV series for the foreseeable future.

While viewers last saw Jenna compete on Season 35, Total Madness, Zach appeared in that season’s episodes through video chats due to their relationship issues at the time.

Zach, who won on Battle of the Seasons in 2012, made his last official Challenge appearance as a competitor in Season 34. That was War of the Worlds 2, where he competed in his fourth final.

Jenna has indicated she’d like to return if the timing is right and her “family is in a good spot.” It seems Zach could do the same or even pop up on an All Stars spinoff season.

Viewers have seen various cast members who were parents compete on the MTV show. They’ve included Chris “CT” Tamburello, Cory Wharton, Darrell Taylor, and Theresa Jones.

All four of those Challenge stars appeared on the recent Double Agents season, with CT among the winners and Cory on the runner-up team. Quite possibly, Jenna and/or Zach will be back on a future season with some added motivation to reach that final and get the win!

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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