The Challenge’s Ashley Mitchell claps back at online troll who criticized her appearance

ashley mitchell in season 37 of the challenge on mtv
Ashley Mitchell last appeared in MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies season. Pic credit: MTV

Ashley Mitchell continues interacting with her fans and critics while away from MTV’s The Challenge.

Dubbed “Millionaire Mitchell” after her infamous win on the Final Reckoning season, she’s been on a break from the show since her mysterious deactivation on Spies, Lies & Allies.

She regularly updates fans about her life on social media and often shares unique images of herself. Sometimes, that brings mean-spirited or negative comments about her time on the competition series or her appearance.

The former show winner recently shared a slideshow video of photo memories to Instagram in which she was wearing various outfits and striking different poses.

“Yea, Obviously b***h,” she left as her caption.

As seen in a screenshot below, her castmate and fellow Challenge winner, Amber Borzotra, praised Ashley, saying, “Miss your energy so much!”

ashley mitchell in instagram post for august 2023
Screenshot of Ashley Mitchell’s Instagram post from August 2023. Pic credit: @mtvashleybrooke/Instagram

Ashley fired back at an online critic about her appearance

While Ashley received plenty of positive support and feedback in the comment section of her IG post, there were a few that brought up criticism of her appearance.

Much like a recent Khloe Kardashian clapback, one insulting comment was enough for Ashley to fire back at the online troll.

“You looked so much better before you got your body pumped full of all that fake s***. It’s disgusting and you look like you’re gonna melt,” they commented, along with a puking emoji.

“You know your profile is public and we can all see what you look like. I’d be minding the business that pays me if i were you,” Ashley replied to the original commenter.

ashley mitchell at spies lies and allies nominations
Pic credit: @mtvashleybrooke/Instagram

Other commenters mentioned Ashley’s appearance

As mentioned, multiple commenters left positive remarks, including heart and flame emojis.

“Incredibly gorgeous #wce status,” one commenter said, including a hashtag for the acronym for Woman Crush Everyday.

“What happened to her face? I’m guessing she got work done?” another individual asked without getting a response.

comments on ashley mitchell ig slideshow
Pic credit: @mtvashleybrooke/Instagram

Another commenter told Ashley they wanted lips like hers on their face. That prompted the reality TV star to confess to having “filler and filter” with that particular image.

“You’re beautiful the way you are though!” she told the commenter, with another replying that the original commenter could “purchase them just like she did.”

ashley mitchell responds to commenter talking about her lips
Pic credit: @mtvashleybrooke/Instagram

Ashley is a two-time winner of MTV’s The Challenge, with over a million dollars in total prize money. While she admitted to lip filler in the comments above, she hasn’t indicated anything about other cosmetic procedures recently.

As for her return to the show, she previously said she’s had calls to return, so she might be considering it. There’s ongoing speculation that Season 40 could be the final season for The Challenge on MTV, and it could include a superstar cast.

Some fans are still uninterested in seeing her return after rumored insensitive remarks she made to a castmate during an unaired Spies, Lies & Allies argument, which resulted in Ashley getting kicked off that season. Since then, she’s moved out of the country but sometimes returns to the United States to see friends and family.

She’s also among recent nominees for Challenge Mania’s 2023 Hall of Fame, suggesting she’s one of the show’s top competitors and cast members.

The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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