The Challenge: USA spoilers: Episode 9 features daily challenge that could show ‘people’s true colors’

domenick abbate speaks during the challenge usa episode 9
Survivor star Domenick Abbate during The Challenge: USA, Episode 9. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

The Challenge: USA, Episode 9 will bring the second daily challenge where players compete individually, but it could also show who people are targeting in the game and who’s working together.

Sneak peek footage showing the next daily event arrived hours ahead of the episode’s debut on CBS. It includes Survivor star Domenick Abbate mentioning that the game should reveal some competitors’ intentions.

“This game’s about to get messy because I think we’re gonna start to see people’s true colors out here,” Dom says in a confessional scene.

In the footage, viewers learn that competitors are playing a giant game similar to Connect 4, where they must carry large tokens down to a playing field. The object is to get four tokens lined up in a row on their board before an opponent blocks them.

That’s what Big Brother stars Angela Rummans and Alyssa Lopez are trying to do as they decide to target Sarah Lacina and block her from getting four in a row on her board.

Meanwhile, Ben Driebergen has indicated he wants no part in blocking or targeting others and is looking to win the event to get himself more money.

Check out the sneak peek footage from Episode 9, which also includes Sarah telling some of her new allies what’s going on with Angela and Alyssa in the game.

Previous footage revealed Sarah’s plan with allies

The daily challenge preview above arrived after another bit of sneak peek footage from Episode 9 hit the internet. On Tuesday, @thechallenge Instagram showed off some of the conversations going on about the game.

That included Ben, Angela, and Alyssa discussing what Sarah was up to. Based on the footage, she’s gathered up Cashay Proudfoot, Desi Williams, Justine Ndiba, and Cayla Platt to rally them against Angela and Alyssa.

However, the remaining two Big Brother women set up a deal in Episode 8 after Angela and Ben were the winners in the daily challenge. That deal was for Ben to get the other Survivor men on board to keep Angela and Alyssa safe from going into future eliminations.

However, that could change based on who wins Episode 9’s daily challenge, especially if Sarah gets the win and wields all that power with another of her Survivor allies.

The Arena’s next elimination to feature women

Starting with Episode 8’s elimination on The Challenge: USA, it was individual competitors rather than pairs going into The Arena to fight to stay in the game. That’s because host TJ Lavin said it was time to stop using The Algorithm to assign each person a new teammate for every daily challenge.

Angela and Ben were the individual winners in the Having a Blast daily challenge. They opted to send Leo Temory into The Arena in an attempt to get rid of the Amazing Race star.

That worked, as Leo fell to Big Brother’s Enzo Palumbo in a Hall Brawl. However, Leo wasn’t happy about the aired daily challenge results, as he later revealed he should’ve been named winner, but production decided to give it to his castmate.

With Episode 8 featuring a men’s elimination, Episode 9 should feature two women battling it out in The Arena. If Sarah wins the daily challenge, she’ll likely look for a way to throw Angela or Alyssa into elimination.

Should Sarah lose, she may volunteer to go in, as she’s still the only player who hasn’t earned the $5,000 required to run TJ Lavin’s final.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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