The Challenge star Amanda Garcia blasts company after fan asks her to appear with Fessy Shafaat at event

amanda garcia on the challenge spies lies allies episode 7
Amanda Garcia is not a fan of Challenge Mania Podcast, based on recent comments she made. Pic credit: MTV

When it comes to a particular podcast, The Challenge star Amanda Garcia does not appear to be a fan of those running the company.

Amanda, who is among the stars of the Spies, Lies & Allies season of MTV’s series, recently blasted the people involved with The Challenge Mania Podcast.

Her reaction came after a fan requested she appear at an upcoming event that will feature other Challenge stars, including her Season 37 showmance, Fessy Shafaat.

Challenge Mania event to feature stars of MTV show, spinoff

Challenge Mania is a popular podcast that regularly covers MTV’s The Challenge and the spinoff, The Challenge: All Stars. The show is hosted by Scott Yager and three-time Challenge winner Derrick Kosinski.

Their episodes feature guests from The Challenge past and present to speak about all things, including life and, of course, the MTV reality shows.

Just recently, they inducted several cast members into their Challenge Mania Hall of Fame class for 2021. In addition to the podcast, merchandise, and HOF, Challenge Mania hosts regular events for fans to attend with one set for Saturday, October 9, in Tampa, Florida.

Among the guests scheduled to attend are Spies, Lies & Allies rookies Cory Lay and Michaela Bradshaw. Also on the event’s guest list are All Stars Season 1 cast member Jisela Delgado and multiple-time Challenge competitor Tony Raines.

Also shown in the promotional IG post below is Fessy Shafaat, who recently joined the list of guests attending the event.

There will be two shows fans can attend with a meet and greet at 1 p.m. Eastern Time and a live show at 3 p.m. ET, with tickets available at ChallengeMania.Live website.

Amanda says she hates company runners after fan suggests she attend

A Challenge fan account on Instagram shared a few comments that arrived on social media regarding the Challenge Mania Live Tampa event.

In one of the comments in the IG post below, Fessy tells fans to come out and meet him on October 9.

However, a slide to the right shows a fan tagging Amanda Garcia and asking her to attend with him. Amanda’s reply made it clear there’s no way she’ll be involved.

“Lol I’ll never be part of that whack a** s**t,” she wrote, adding, “I hate the runners of that company. But thanks for wanting me there girl!”

Why does Amanda ‘hate the runners of that company’?

As far as the reason for Amanda’s dislike, that may be due to an incident several years ago that was described on Reddit.

That incident apparently involved Amanda trying to place a large order at Subway for many sandwiches, but she felt she received poor customer service from one of the workers. She tweeted about it to let others know.

Her tweet about the incident has been deleted. However, a comment from rosyboa3 on u/eskimoredneck’s Reddit thread seems to summarize what may have happened.

reddit commenter summarizes amanda subway incident
Pic credit: u/eskimoredneck/Reddit

So what does that all have to do with Challenge Mania? An Instagram user commented that Amanda’s situation with Subway became a “running joke” that host Scott Yager used on the podcast.

That seemed to bother Amanda to the point she blocked Scott for it. According to the fan’s comment, Scott attempted to contact Amanda through her friend Ashley Mitchell, which may not have worked out so well either.

fan describes amanda dislike of challenge mania
Pic credit: @mtvtheechallenge/Instagram

The above is all based on speculation and online comments from fans, so take it with a grain of salt. However, it seems Amanda probably won’t be attending any Challenge Mania events or appearing on the podcast anytime soon based on the above comments.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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