The Challenge spoilers: More potential All Stars Season 2 cast members revealed including former winners

the challenge season 21 cast members could be some of all stars season 2
The Challenge: All Stars 2 will bring back more fan favorites and OGs from Real World and Road Rules. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge spoilers continue as fans hope to see All Stars Season 2 before the end of the year. That seems likely, as rumors have suggested filming will start in the near future.

Not only that, but there appears to be a list of potential cast members forming, and the group includes some fan favorites who graced TV screens on Real World and Road Rules years ago.

Keep in mind, spoilers may follow in this report containing names of several possible cast members for The Challenge: All Stars 2.

Who are the potential All Stars Season 2 cast members so far?

In a previous All Stars 2 spoilers report, two particular reality TV stars’ names came up along with a July 20 date for departure to start filming the second season. They are former Real World: New York star Eric Nies and Road Rules: South Pacific star Tina Barta. These were the first two names on the list as far as potentials and seem “likely” based on the online rumors.

Now, two more cast members may be joining them, both of whom came from the same season of MTV’s The Real World and competed on several seasons of The Challenge after that.

Based on details from an MTV Challenge insider, those likely cast members are Tyler Duckworth and Janelle Casanave, both of whom were on The Real World: Key West season. Both Tyler and Janelle are former winners on The Challenge too.

That’s the same season of Real World that also featured a future seven-time Challenge champion, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio. Several of Bananas’ championships were due to having teammates, and one of them was a rival castmate from his Real World season.

The fact that two of Bananas’ former castmates are seeming like possibilities for the spinoff, could have fans considering those All Stars 2 rumors about Bananas.

Is it possible they’re putting together some sort of Battle of the Seasons theme for All Stars? It could simply be male and female partners teamed up from a shared reality TV season. While it may not happen, one would think Key West would have quite a strong team with or without Bananas.

Former Challenge winners could be favorites to win AS2

Tyler, 40, appeared on four seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, starting with The Duel and followed by Gauntlet III. He returned for Cutthroat and was a winner in that third season he did as part of a team that included Brad Fiorenza, Dunbar Merrill, and Tori Hall. 

Tyler won yet again in his fourth appearance on The Challenge which was the first-ever Rivals season in 2011. He was teamed up with former Real World castmate Johnny Bananas, and the two captured the win, giving Tyler his second and Johnny his third championship.

During MTV’s War of the Worlds 2 season, they had a promotional video in which cast members watched some of the best Challenge eliminations of all time.

That included Johnny and Tyler’s team up on Rivals to take down Chris “CT” Tamburello and his partner Adam King in one fierce elimination event. Check the highlights below to see CT smashing through anyone in his path.

Janelle, 38, first appeared on The Inferno 3 season of The Challenge in 2007 and went on to win as part of a team known as the Bad A**es. It also featured Challenge OGs, including Tony Cooley, Kenny Santucci, Evelyn Smith, Abram Boise, and Derrick Kosinski.

The total prize money was $300,000 for the team to split that season, so All Stars 2 would likely be a much bigger reward for Janelle if she won as a solo competitor.

The former Real World star returned for just one season of The Challenge after that with The Gauntlet III and lost in elimination to castmate Jillian Zoboroski. That’s another former Challenger’s name that has popped up recently, with All Stars alternate Casey Cooper saying she thought Jillian would be great for All Stars.

However, Jillian’s name has yet to make it onto the lengthy list of “up in the air” cast members for All Stars Season 2 at a Vevmo forum thread, so stay tuned to see if she makes a big return.

The Challenge: All Stars Season 1 episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus. The All Stars Season 2 premiere date is TBA for 2021.

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