The Challenge Season 37 rumors: Rookie cast member may be edited out of episodes

members of the cast for the challenge spies lies and allies
Cast members for The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies season. Pic credit: MTV

When episodes of The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies arrive, viewers may not see one particular rookie amongst the cast members this season despite their inclusion in promotional footage.

The latest details arrive as a Challenge insider and superfan has provided the speculation about who Season 37 won’t include as the show begins airing in mid-August.

This report may contain some spoilers about the upcoming episodes regarding one particular cast member and their participation in The Challenge season.

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The Challenge rookie edited out of Spies, Lies & Allies?

The Challenge Season 37 is described as a “global event.” Not only does it take place in Croatia, but it will feature a diverse cast of competitors coming from many parts of the globe.

Cast members’ home countries include not only the United States and the United Kingdom but also Sweden, Spain, Germany, and Nigeria.

The rookies will also come from various reality TV shows, including Big Brother, Survivor, Paradise Hotel, Love Island, 12 Dates of Christmas, and Too Hot to Handle.

Love Island will bring two cast members to The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies with Jeremiah White and Lauren Coogan. Jeremiah has been featured in several recent videos, including a meet the rookies video.

In another video veterans, give their first impressions of rookies, with Jeremiah getting some praise from CT Tamburello and comments from Ashley Mitchell.

While Jeremiah has been mentioned in the videos, his castmate Lauren has not. That could be due to MTV choosing not to mention her name beyond their initial MTV News report about the upcoming cast. It features each cast member’s photo and a link to their social media account.

On Thursday (July 22), a Challenge superfan and insider who often has early details about upcoming seasons of the show shared on Instagram that Lauren may be edited out of the upcoming episodes.

the challenge 37 may not feature rookie cast member
Pic credit: @jaybackupp_/Instagram

This is the first time any mention has been made about the possibility of a cast member being edited out, so Lauren may appear in an early episode or two before that happens.

Many of The Challenge cast members have shared their official cast photos for Spies, Lies & Allies, including rookies. Lauren was among those who didn’t but shared another photo of herself and mentioned her appearance in the caption.

An individual commented on her post above asking why she didn’t use her official photo for The Challenge Season 37.

Interestingly, Lauren replied, “hahahahahahah I don’t like it lmao.”

the challenge 37 lauren coogan replies to fan about photo
Pic credit: @laurencoogan/Instagram

Based on the online spoilers that were arriving as Season 37 filmed over the past several months, Lauren was disqualified from the game at some point. However, spoilers didn’t reveal the nature of why she was disqualified. It’s also unknown if the reason for her disqualification occurred in a certain early episode, during a daily challenge, an elimination, in the house, or ahead of filming.

The online spoilers in late May also speculated that Lauren might have had drama with a veteran cast member, and she tweeted about it online. Additionally, it was speculated a new cast member was brought in to replace Lauren following her disqualification.

Based on recent seasons, MTV doesn’t tolerate physical violence, threats, and offensive or insensitive comments made by cast members.

It’s possible Lauren had some drama with a castmate and made offensive remarks or gestures, resulting in her disqualification. The fact that she’s included in materials ahead of the season should make it interesting to see how MTV handles whatever may have happened.

Previous Challenge season had cast member edits

MTV previously had a situation where a cast member made offensive comments on social media as the season’s episodes were already airing. That took place during The Challenge Season 35, Total Madness.

Former Challenge winner Dee Nguyen made offensive comments online about the Black Lives Matter movement, resulting in MTV severing ties with her as of June 9, 2020. They also began posting a note on the screen about Dee’s situation for the remaining episodes of the season.

Dee was mostly edited out of the episodes, despite being left in to show the context of certain situations, such as her elimination. Jennifer West eliminated her in Episode 15 in a Hall Brawl event.

The Challenge| Total Madness| Jenny vs Dee| Hall Braw Elimination

The on-demand episodes of Total Madness still include the MTV note ahead of them to let viewers know MTV’s stance on her comments.

The former War of the Worlds 2 winner has since apologized for her remarks, and her castmate Wes Bergmann even helped her out when she was struggling after the incident.

However, it doesn’t appear MTV will bring Dee back to The Challenge, which could potentially be the case for former Love Island star Lauren Coogan, depending on what happened.

Viewers should soon find out what Lauren’s situation is on the show when the premiere episode arrives on MTV.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies premieres on Wednesday, August 11 at 8/7c on MTV.

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