The Challenge Season 37, Episode 8 recap: Who went home from Spies, Lies & Allies?

the challenge season 37 cast during episode 8 elimination
The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies cast members watch the elimination take place in Episode 8. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 37, Episode 8, opened with the cast returning to headquarters after Emy’s big win in the Rage Cage elimination over Esther Agunbiade.

In a confessional, Devin Walker broke down how the veteran alliance has been working well so far to make sure there’s always a rookie-rookie team going into elimination. However, he brought up that if the rookies catch on, they might pick a veteran team to send into elimination.

Berna Canbeldek spoke with castmates Priscilla Anyuba, Big T Fazakerley, and Nelson Thomas about feeling betrayed by Emy’s choice. Berna cried in confessional as she said she never thought Emy would try to hurt her like that.

In a confessional, Nelson called out Emy’s “snake move” for stealing CT Tamburello as her teammate from Berna without letting her know earlier. Nelson spoke with Emy about not telling Berna first what her plan was. Devin was nearby and told Nelson he saw Berna voted for him and Amber Borzotra at the last deliberation meeting.

Emanuel and Tori admit attraction, rookies ponder what’s next

Tori Deal was skinny dipping in the pool outside headquarters along with Big T and Bettina Buchanan. Rookie Emanuel Neagu was out there too and admitted in confessional he was trying to get closer to Tori because he found her attractive.

Tori made similar comments in her confessional that she found him “really cute,” and he was an “interesting person,” too.

In another scene, Jeremiah White was outside training. In his confessional, he said he and Big T had to do better in the daily challenges because otherwise, he’ll be going into his first elimination.

Bettina spoke with Priscilla about being nervous about going into elimination. Priscilla said she’s “at peace” with whatever happens.

Amber talked to her teammate, Josh Martinez, telling him she felt they needed to get rid of Berna since she voted for her last time.

Cast competes in Dive Bomb as daily challenge

Host TJ Lavin introduced the competitors to the Dive Bomb challenge with detonation stations on the shoreline. Next to each station was a box with “half the wires” needed to set off the bomb. The rest of the wiring, which were puzzle pieces, was spread out in the sea, underwater.

Competitors used water jets to travel into the water and had to go underwater to retrieve the other wire puzzle pieces. After that, they had to go out to TJ Lavin’s yacht in the water to get keys to open their boxes back onshore.

Inside the boxes were the other wire puzzle pieces they had to put together correctly to set off their bomb. The team to do it quickest would become The Agency.

Several teams went in each heat. During an early heat, Jeremiah struggled to find the wires out in the ocean. That put him and Big T in last place. Meanwhile, the teams of Amber and Devin, Kyle Christie with Amanda Garcia, and Ed Eason with Tori were battling for first place.

Devin and Amber solved the puzzle first to win Round 1 of the daily mission. Amber watched nervously as Berna and Hughie were doing well in the next round. Ashley Mitchell and Josh won the second round.

The final heat consisted of Cory Wharton with Bettina, CT with Emy, Kaycee Clark with Emanuel, and Logan Sampedro with Nany Gonzalez. While it seemed close, the puzzle master CT solved it alongside new teammate Emy.

TJ revealed that CT and Emy completed the mission quickest of the four winning teams. In confessional, Berna said she was sad to see her former partner and her “little sister” win.

Amber reveals bold plan for elimination

The cast went for a night out at the club with some footage showing Amber kissing Jeremiah. Meanwhile, Berna spoke to Hughie about the upcoming elimination. Hughie said he wanted to do whatever possible to win in elimination.

Jeremiah had a conversation with Priscilla about possibly competing in the elimination together. She told him that Bettina could also be a strong teammate. Amber told Bettina not to worry about being sent in because Amber would go with Jeremiah so she could eliminate Berna.

Amber revealed her plan to her Big Brother allies, Josh and Kaycee. They suggested she sleep on it, but Amber was determined to do it. Kaycee said in a confessional that Amber was “all talk” and would change her mind the next day.

Deliberation meeting has rookie calling out rivals

At the deliberation meeting, Berna spoke up about being upset at Emy for lying to her about saying she would not steal CT as her partner. In confessional, Emy said, “this is just a game, dude.”

Berna also spoke up about not liking Amber and not wanting to hear any more of her “last season stories.” The two ladies went back and forth a bit. Castmates spoke up, saying it was clearly personal and they had limited time to talk before voting.

Priscilla spoke up and said she knew typically rookies go in, but she wanted to avoid that. She said to Amber that she heard she wanted to go into elimination. Amber said she wasn’t sure about that and later revealed in confessional it was up to the winning team’s decision.

Jeremiah spoke up and said he wanted to prove himself by going into elimination. Emanuel said not to take his partner Kaycee if he wins because he wants to “drink her blood.”

Everyone cast their “secret” votes, with Berna and Hughie revealed as the Compromised Agents.

Who went home in Episode 8 elimination?

TJ Lavin called Berna and Hughie down to the ground level. Next, CT and Emy made their choice for one man and woman to send in against them. They chose Jeremiah for the men and Priscilla for the women.

The elimination event was Race to Escape. It featured two giant 30-foot poles with blades at the top of each. The teammates were bound together back to back on either side of the pole. They had to work together to climb to the top backwards, cut themselves free, and then use the zipline to get back to the ground level.

Hughie struggled with his footing to move up the pole. Priscilla and Jeremiah were moving quickly in unison. Hughie’s backside was pushing him away from the pole, but eventually, they caught up. Both teams were trying to free themselves near the top of their poles.

rookie competitors battle in the challenge season 37 episode 8 elimination
Priscilla Anyabu and Jeremiah White battle Berna Canbeldek and Hughie Maughan in Spies, Lies & Allies elimination. Pic credit: MTV

In the end, it was Priscilla and Jeremiah getting the win to send Berna and Hughie home. Nelson was upset to see his girl Berna go. He went down to the ground level and hugged her, telling her he’d “see her soon.”

Priscilla and Jeremiah decided about their teammates. Priscilla said in confessional she made a mental note of what Ashley said during deliberation in threatening the rookies not to infiltrate a veteran-veteran team. She chose Ashley’s teammate Josh as her new partner and said to Ashley, “Let the game begin.”

Priscilla’s move shook things up as she made it that a rookie-vet team would get voted in at the next elimination. Jeremiah chose Tori as his new teammate. Nelson and Big T became teammates by default, as did Ed and Ashley. TJ said things were starting to get interesting now.

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