The Challenge stars react to CT Tamburello eliminations video, former castmate says ‘I’ll take him’

chris ct tamburello during the challenge elimination
The Challenge star CT Tamburello during his Invasion of the Champions elimination event Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Chris “CT” Tamburello has set himself apart from the rest of the field of competitors in terms of his all-around skillset on MTV’s The Challenge. He’s shown power, strength, and rage over many years on the show, and that’s especially true in eliminations.

While he may not be undefeated in every elimination he’s been a part of, he’s certainly someone that most of his fellow castmates tend to avoid going against.

After MTV’s The Challenge released a recent video collection of every single win that CT has in his elimination history, several of his castmates, past and present, weighed in with comments.

The Challenge unveils CT elimination wins video

On July 6, The Challenge YouTube posted a 26-minute video featuring every CT elimination win. He’s compiled an all-time record of 6-5 over his 18 seasons on the show, and all six are featured in the video below.

That includes the infamous “Bananas backpack,” where CT and Johnny Bananas were attached back-to-back in an elimination event. Bananas, who is no slouch on The Challenge, basically became CT’s backpack as CT walked with him over to the finish spot.

Also included is CT’s most recent elimination win. That’s from The Challenge: Double Agents season where CT volunteered to go in against Big Brother star Josh Martinez, who he referred to as “The Goof.”

CT won that one, picking up his Gold Skull to become eligible for TJ Lavin’s Season 36 final. Ultimately, that was a big elimination win, as CT went on to win the final alongside teammate Amber Borzotra.

Of note, CT has lost a few times to Johnny Bananas in eliminations, even though his backpack win tends to stick out as a highlight for many Challenge fans. Bananas and his partner Tyler Duckworth defeated CT and partner Adam King on Rivals in the T-Bone challenge, which is similar to Hall Brawl, although it featured an X that players ran across.

Bananas also defeated CT in a Puzzle Pyramid elimination during the Free Agents season. Nonetheless, these two legends have had some impressive battles.

CT’s The Challenge castmates react to video

Upon posting a shorter Instagram video clip on their page, @challengemtv received plenty of comments from fans praising one of The Challenge legends. However, there were also comments from various castmates who appeared on different seasons with CT over the years.

“I need to see real test results, I’m still not convinced he is human!” CT’s castmate and All Stars cast member Nehemiah Clark commented.

“Choo choo MF ??,” Paulie Calafiore commented. Paulie was last seen on War of the Worlds 2, which featured CT on Team UK. In the end, CT was part of the winning team, which also had Rogan O’Connor, Dee Nguyen, and Jordan Wiseley.

Josh Martinez simply left a goat emoji, with Fessy Shafaat leaving a pair of eyeballs. As viewers saw on Double Agents, Fessy and CT had that argument at the club over who the top dog was on The Challenge.

Fessy still wants a shot to defeat CT in Hall Brawl or some elimination, but also challenged the veteran competitor to a boxing match.

Check out the @mtvthechallenge Instagram post below showing off the various cast members’ reactions to CT’s elimination abilities.

“I’ll take him,” War of the Worlds 2 competitor Idris Virgo commented with a laughing face emoji. Idris, now a pro boxer, might be trying his best to get back onto the show, but most likely would not want to go head-to-head with one of the all-time greats in an elimination, especially a physical battle.

Fans will now wait to see if the legend returns to do battle on Season 37, which is expected to arrive sometime this year. However, it won’t be surprising if competitors show their continued fear and respect for CT by avoiding him in an elimination.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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