The Challenge Season 37, Episode 6 recap: Chaos breaks out among Spies, Lies & Allies cast

cory wharton josh martinez esther agunbiade and amber borzotra of the challenge season 37
Chaos erupted among The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies cast members in Episode 6. Pic credit: MTV

As The Challenge Season 37, Episode 6 opened, the vets celebrated due to still dominating the game with another rookie eliminated. Logan Sampedro won the previous episode’s elimination, getting rid of rookie Gabo Szabo.

Hughie Maughan spoke with Big T Fazakerley about trying to turn things around for the rookies. He said in a confessional he needed to get away from Emy Alupei as his partner to find another veteran.

CT Tamburello spoke with Emy about going into elimination and getting another partner. In his confessional, CT admitted he likes her attitude and fire. Emy said she has a lot of respect for CT as an OG.

Josh Martinez had a chat with Fessy Shafaat’s partner, Esther Agunbiade, about Fessy’s game moves. Esther said she felt they needed to have a conversation about things. They hugged it out. Both cast members admitted they were good friends in their confessionals.

Meanwhile, Amanda Garcia told Fessy he should apologize to Josh for what happened. He agreed, but nothing was shown.

Kaycee enjoys date night with Nany, secret hookup revealed

The night before the next daily mission, Kaycee Clark showed up to Nany Gonzalez’s room in the house with a sunflower. They walked outdoors to the pool, which Kaycee had set up for a romantic evening with decorations.

The two enjoyed chocolate-covered strawberries, non-alcoholic sparkling cider, and pizza. Kaycee expressed her continued romantic interest in Nany and told her she deserved love.

They also discussed the game and how things were between Josh and Fessy after their blowup in Episode 4. Nany was upset Kaycee was stuck in the middle of things between her two friends in the game. Kaycee said Josh only looks at what’s best for him in the game.

A secret hook-up was briefly revealed as footage showed Josh kissing Esther in a room. During a confessional, Esther admitted she liked her castmate. When asked what she liked or found attractive about him, she said, “Honestly, I don’t know,” with a laugh.

Episode 6 daily challenge brings new winners

The latest daily mission, Turning Agents, involved teammates strapped to the roof of drift cars in what TJ Lavin called a “sick” challenge. The cars spun around doing donuts and raced from one end of a runway to the other.

At the end of the track were large tankers with codes on them. The agents needed to read the codes and use them to unlock a lockbox so they could detonate a smoke bomb on their car.

The team to get it done the quickest would win the daily challenge and become The Agency. That team is safe from elimination with the power to send one man and one woman to elimination.

Josh and Ashley Mitchell got their box unlocked super fast. So did Emanuel Neagu and Kaycee. Emy was having trouble communicating with Hughie. She said in the confessional they weren’t working well at all.

Other winning teams included Devin Walker with Amber Borzotra, Nany with Logan, Kyle with Amanda, and Fessy with Esther.

Once everyone had gone through the mission, TJ revealed the three quickest teams were Josh and Ashley, Kaycee and Emanuel, and Esther and Fessy. However, Kaycee and Emanuel did it fastest, so they became The Agency.

Chaos erupts at Challenge headquarters

Kaycee and Emanuel talked about who would go into elimination. They said the rookie-rookie team of Hughie and Emy were probably going in. Emanuel said in confessional he wants to find someone easy for Emy to face since she’s his friend.

Big T spoke with Jeremiah White, who said he’s not concerned about going into elimination. She told him don’t worry about her feelings if he wins and chooses another teammate.

Priscilla Anyabu and Esther talked about how they’ve yet to go into elimination. Fellow rookie Bettina Buchanan hasn’t gone in either. So they felt one of them would be next to go into elimination at The Lair.

Amanda helped Emy get dressed up in a slinky red dress ahead of the cast going to the club. CT introduced Emy onto the stage, and she sang an original song for everyone called Alien. Emy just released her Alien music video the other day with castmates reacting online.

Josh spoke with Esther at the club about Fessy corrupting her. They continued to connect and kissed again.

Amber talked to Emanuel about Fessy not coming to talk to her. She suggested maybe it was due to his partner Esther. Emanuel told her she needed to talk to Fessy.

Esther and Berna Canbeldek talked about Amber being fake and nobody liking her. Berna said Amber is walking around continuing to talk about being blindsided, and it’s “too much.”

Things became chaotic at headquarters as the cast was enjoying pizzas. Amber had requested a specific pizza and said that others ate it. In another room, Tori Deal and Cory Wharton stirred things up, telling Amber that Fessy did it.

Fessy said they were making things up, and then Amber started to speak to him about blindsiding her. For some reason, Cory and Tori kept instigating it. As Amber and Fessy argued, other cast members showed up, including Josh.

Esther got involved and started to yell at Amber about it. Esther threw a drink in her face. Josh started to erupt towards Fessy due to his frustration towards him. Fessy tried to brush him off, and Josh kept calling him out for blindsiding Nelson last season and Amber this season.

The episode ended with Josh still yelling in Fessy’s face. Fessy used a hand to shove Josh’s face away.

A preview for Episode 7 revealed that TJ Lavin shows up at headquarters, and there will be a Hall Brawl as the next elimination.

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