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The Challenge Season 36, Episode 19 trailer shows what’s ahead for Double Agents finale Part 2

tj lavin during the challenge double agents final
TJ Lavin has more on the way for the agents in the Double Agents final, set to conclude in Episode 19. Pic credit: MTV

In The Challenge: Double Agents, a total of 30 competitors started on a spy-themed season in hopes of making it all the way to TJ Lavin’s final. At stake was a total of $1 million in prize money.

By Episode 18, only a select group of competitors were remaining and eligible to run TJ’s final. They got their start under some difficult weather conditions and began their trek to various checkpoints in Iceland.

The episode featured a cliffhanger ending, meaning there is a second part for the Double Agents finale. A sneak peek trailer that arrived immediately after the episode gave viewers a look at what’s to come in The Challenge Season 36, Episode 19.

Double Agents Episode 19 trailer shows more of TJ’s final

The Challenge finals have typically involved moving across land and through water, whether by swimming, running, paddling, or other means. Based on a sneak peek for Double Agents Episode 19, the agents will find themselves back in the frozen water they’ve dealt with throughout the season.

A trailer that arrived after Episode 18 ended shows off more of what’s ahead for competitors. They’ll be paddling through a body of water in Iceland to reach another destination, with one team apparently going in the water. Before that happens, there are three teams still at a checkpoint where they need to consume some rather disgusting food and drink options.

Based on the trailer below, the agents also have to spend the night at some location, similar to other Challenge finals. Some competitors received an advantage in previous finals where they got to sleep inside a warmer dwelling or tent outside. That could be the case again in the cold climate of Iceland.

By the end of Episode 19, three of four teams could complete the final. One team will be crowned the winners of TJ’s final and take home some serious prize money.

Check out the Double Agents finale preview below for what’s on the way.

Double Agents Episode 18 left viewers with cliffhanger

After weeks of grueling competitions and game strategy, the first part of the Double Agents final officially began in Episode 18, which aired this past Wednesday. It involved four teams of players who all earned their Gold Skulls and outlasted the rest of their castmates.

The teams were Kam Williams with Cory Wharton, Leroy Garrett with Nany Gonzalez, Fessy Shafaat with Kaycee Clark, and Amber Borzotra with Chris “CT” Tamburello. TJ informed those teams that only three of them would survive past the first day of the final. He also revealed that the first-place team would split $900,000, and second place would split $100,000, while third place would get nothing.

During the first part of the final, TJ informed competitors of a hurricane, causing strong winds. From the start, CT and Amber set the bar high for the rest of the field. They won the first checkpoint, which was a repeat of an earlier mission involving running up a hill and memorizing a color code on a capsule. They used the color code to connect wires in a briefcase so they could detonate their station.

They also won the second checkpoint, which involved eating and drinking disgusting stuff. The items included appetizing snacks like ram testicles and sheep face, along with some blood in a mug to wash it all down with.

There was also running involved in the final, and CT realized it was more of a marathon than a sprint. Meanwhile, Fessy was shown continually urging his partner Kaycee to keep up, and it may have ended up costing them. Kaycee fell and suffered a knee injury. After being checked by medics, she had her knee wrapped up.

While Kaycee hobbled to the eating checkpoint with Fessy’s help, it seemed the Big Brother stars might not advance. Kaycee did her best to start eating and drinking, while Fessy was unsure if they’d continue and wasn’t really trying.

The episode ended with CT and Amber having already won the checkpoint. Since they won, they got a bonus. TJ gave them an extra “dessert plate” with more disgusting food they could give to another team as a disadvantage. As the episode closed out, they tried to decide which team should get the plate, with Kaycee’s injury status unclear for her team.

The Challenge: Double Agents finale airs Wednesday, April 21 at 8/7c on MTV.

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