The Challenge: Paulie Calafiore calls out Devin Walker’s remarks about Cara Maria, Season 37 rookie reacts

paulie calafiore during the challenge final reckoning confessional scene
Paulie Calafiore called out Devin Walker for comments he felt were disrespectful towards Cara Maria Sorbello. Pic credit: Paramount+

The war of words continues between The Challenge finalists Paulie Calafiore and Devin Walker, as Paulie recently fired back at Devin’s comments calling Paulie and Cara Maria Sorbello “ex-Challengers.”

The recent comments from Devin online included him saying that Paulie and Cara seemed to display “pathetic delusion” after they talked about some of the current veteran cast members on The Challenge.

However, Paulie and his brother Cody both replied to Devin’s comments during a recent live video session, and they didn’t hold back in what they thought, telling Devin to “put some respect” on Cara’s name.

That also brought one of the Spies, Lies & Allies rookies into the comments, as well as a former Real World star who’s a former finalist on The Challenge.

Paulie and Cody Calafiore react to Devin Walker’s comments

Big Brother star Cody Calafiore has never appeared on MTV’s The Challenge, but his brother Paulie has appeared in three seasons, two of which he made the finals for. During his weekly Twitch stream, Cody typically talks about reality TV shows, including Big Brother and The Challenge. Paulie often joins him for the discussions.

They recently had a live Twitch in which they brought up Devin Walker’s comments about Paulie and Cara being “ex-Challengers” with a “pathetic delusion.” It seems that didn’t sit well with the Calafiore brothers, who felt it was particularly disrespectful to Cara Maria, a two-time champion.

“Cara paved the way on this show,” Paulie said, adding, “Calling Cara an ‘ex-Challenger’ is delusional.”

Cody interrupted Paulie to make an analogy that calling Cara an “ex-Challenger” is like calling Super Bowl champion Steve Young an “ex-NFL star.”

“That’s Cara Maria you’re talking about, a two-time champion. You put some respect on her name, you beaver-looking f**king troll,” Paulie said during the Twitch stream (below).

“She is the female face of the show. You don’t call Cara Maria an ex-Challenger, especially with a track record like Devin,” Paulie said.

“Cara’s got nine finals, 14 elimination wins, two Challenge wins. Devin, you will never, ever be on that caliber,” Paulie also said to his former Final Reckoning castmate.

In addition to the comments he made in the video clip above, Paulie also left a comment on the post itself to put others on notice.

“People gonna learn one way or another that coming for my woman isn’t the move,” Paulie commented.

the challenge paulie calafiore comments on ig video clip
Pic credit: @thechallengeshaderoom/Instagram

Paulie and Cody’s comments are in reaction to Devin’s tweet, which Monsters & Critics previously reported about. With that tweet, Devin was reacting to Cara and Paulie’s US Weekly interview comments suggesting some of the current Challenge veteran cast members are trying to convince fans they’re the “real competitors.” Paulie went on to name names, too, including Devin.

Paulie then listed off other stars who haven’t been called back to the show for recent seasons, suggesting they were, in fact, the “real competitors.” That included himself, Cara, Turbo Turabi, Theo Campbell, and Georgia Harrison.

Hughie Maughan and Marie Roda react to video clip

A few other cast members associated with The Challenge decided to jump into the comments on the above post too. Spies, Lies & Allies rookie Hughie Maughan seemed to wonder why Paulie and Cody were acting “so dramatic” about the show.

“Why are people so so so dramatic about a TV show for christ almighty sake,” Hughie wrote in an Instagram comment on @thechallengeshaderoom’s video above.

season 37 rookie hughie maughan reacts to paulie cody calafiore video clip
Pic credit: @thechallengeshaderoom/Instagram

Some fans replied to let him know that the passion runs deep amongst Challenge fans and stars from over the many seasons. Former finalist Marie Roda also replied to Hughie’s comment.

Marie mentions she’s a fan of Hughie in her reply but suggests he “should sit this one out.” She reminds him that most of the Season 37 rookies are still campaigning for another chance to be on the show after Spies, Lies & Allies. She also goes on to tell him she feels he’d have more empathy for Cara if he had spent his life on these shows.

maria roda replies hughie maughan the challenge
Pic credit: @thechallengeshaderoom/Instagram

“I ain’t hurt ? also my opinion is not based on just him it’s in general how embarrassing twitter fights between cast is ????,” Hughie said in a comment reply to Marie.

hughie maughan replies marie roda ig comment
Pic credit: @thechallengeshaderoom/Instagram

Marie went on to end things there, with another reply telling Hughie she never mentioned a “he” or said he was hurt but told him to keep going off if he wanted to.

marie roda comments to hughie maughan about the challenge paulie cara
Pic credit: @thechallengeshaderoom/Instagram

Marie has ties to all of the parties mentioned above, except Hughie. She was castmates with Paulie and Cara on The Challenge and Devin’s ex on a season of MTV’s Ex on the Beach.

For The Challenge, Marie last appeared on the Final Reckoning season, where she and her rival, Cara Maria Sorbello, reached the final. So did Paulie and his teammate Natalie Negrotti, but Ashley Mitchell and Hunter Barfield were the sole winners. That win gave Ashley her “Millionaire” Mitchell nickname as she infamously took all of the first-place prize money for herself.

While Marie and Cara Maria didn’t win that final, they became closer during the season and seemed to move past their previous feuds. Marie also appears to get along well with Paulie and is a fan of Hughie’s, as she mentioned.

Still, it seems the passion runs deep amongst Challenge fans and stars from the show’s past, present, and future, as they continue to show their love for the reality TV series online.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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