The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 5 unaired footage reveals castmates’ potential hookup

the challenge double agents aftermath episode 5 reveals unaired footage possible hookup
The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath episode revealed unaired footage from Episode 5. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Cast member hookups haven’t been shown much on Season 36 of MTV’s The Challenge, but unaired footage and speculation are bringing them out.

In the fifth episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, two competitors may have hooked up, but fans didn’t see the footage due to all of the other things going on.

It involved one competitor who returned to the game and another who already has a lot of backlash over moves made this season.

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Returning competitor, Gold Skull winner share moment

Following Double Agents Episode 5, an unaired piece of footage from the house surfaced. It features Fessy Shafaat and returning competitor Ashley Mitchell.

In Episode 5, Ashley returned to the show. It was a surprise since Ashley was originally eliminated by Natalie Anderson in the first episode. However, Natalie had to leave The Challenge unexpectedly, which meant Ashley was brought back as a “security breach,” according to TJ Lavin.

Meanwhile, it appears that at some point after the daily mission in Episode 5, Fessy and Ashley may have locked lips underneath a towel. The clip below, uploaded by a fan account, shows Fessy with a towel over his head, leaning against the door frame.

Some smooching seems to take place based on what is heard in the clip.

Moments later, Ashley emerges from under the towel. She says something inaudible such as “No we’re not,” and goes running down the hall to chase another female castmate, giggling.


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Fessy was on The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath episode after the show, where the clip and topic first came up. Ashley wasn’t one of the guests, but Tori Deal, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, Chris “CT” Tamburello, Aneesa Ferreira, and Devin Walker were.

“So, Fessy, can you tell us a little bit about your makeout session?” Aftermath host Devyn Simone asked.

“I don’t really recall,” Fessy said when asked about the footage.

“I think she cast some sort of spell on me or something,” he added.

“You know she’s cool, whatever..but not really my type. I don’t know what I was thinking,” he commented about the clip.

“You should be honest about it. She kissed you,” Big T said, sharing, “She’s a very good kisser as well.”

Based on Fessy’s comments, it didn’t go beyond that bit of kissing shown in the clip, but one never knows what’s being left out of the episodes.

Fessy part of Double Agents cheating rumors

If one cast member is getting a lot of attention this season, it’s Fessy Shafaat. The former Big Brother star shook things up by volunteering himself to go into elimination in Episode 4 against Nelson Thomas. Following the elimination, Nelson said he and Fessy haven’t spoken due to all of the circumstances involved.

Meanwhile, the previous speculation was that Fessy was cheating while filming MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents. There were rumors before the season started to air that he and Tori Deal may have hooked up.

Tori was engaged to Jordan Wiseley while filming, but she claims they broke up as soon as she returned home from filming. In social media posts ahead of Episode 4, Tori denied cheating on Jordan during Double Agents.

In the fourth episode of Double Agents, Fessy admitted during a confessional interview that he was getting to know Tori better and found her attractive. He mentioned respecting that she had something with Jordan back home. Fessy and Tori weren’t ever shown hooking up, and later Fessy seemed to start pursuing castmate Gabby Allen.

Fessy was previously dating Haleigh Broucher, whom he met during his Big Brother 20 season. There seem to be differing stories about where their relationship was at while Fessy was filming the show. He recently gave his side of the story, following his ex-girlfriend’s Patreon post.

The jury seems to still be out on those cheating rumors. Nonetheless, it appears a lot of footage from Double Agents is being left on the cutting room floor, including a love triangle involving rookies Mechie Harris, Amber M, and Liv Jawanda.

Aneesa & Tori Talk About THAT Elimination | The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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