The Challenge and Teen Mom star Cory Wharton reveals he went to therapy and ‘it was all worth it’

teen mom and the challenge usa 2 star cory wharton
Cory Wharton is appearing in CBS’ The Challenge: USA 2 as well as MTV’s Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. Pic credit: CBS

With another reality TV show appearance on the way, Cory Wharton is back for another attempt at winning a version of The Challenge competition series and may have a fresh perspective on how he views things.

He came close to his first win during Double Agents, the 36th installment of MTV’s flagship show, as he and teammate Kam Williams were runner-ups to the champs. Cory’s return on Spies, Lies & Allies saw him come up short, losing in elimination before the final.

Cory, who also appears in Teen Mom programs, returns for the USA 2 spinoff, where he’ll be alongside familiar faces like Johnny Bananas, Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat, Amanda Garcia, and Tori Deal.

He took at least one season off from the regular show, previously sharing that he needed a break and it would allow him to come back refreshed and rejuvenated for the show.

The 32-year-old indicated his focus was also on spending more time with loved ones and his inner circle, including his girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge, and his children. They all appear in Teen Mom: The Next Chapter episodes, which just premiered its second season on MTV.

While he was away from The Challenge, Cory shared with fans and followers that he may have started getting therapy based on recent events in his life, which cross over into his reality TV story.

Cory reveals he went to therapy and ‘it was all worth it’ after explosive TV moment

Taking to Twitter earlier this week, Cory opened up about his therapy visits, which he said he was initially skeptical about. However, he changed his mind about how beneficial it could be.

“I’ll be the first one to tell people that I didn’t think therapy was for everybody and kind of laughed at it, but after going to therapy for a couple of months, it was all worth it,” The Challenge star said.

“Life isn’t about not making mistakes. It’s about making those mistakes and growing from [them],” he shared.

cory wharton from the challenge tweets about counseling
Pic credit: @CoryWharton/Twitter

Cory says he was a ‘ticking time bomb’ during Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

Cory’s tweet about therapy comes as Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 2 premiered several days ago. It also features his ex and mother of one of his children, Cheyenne Floyd, and his current girlfriend, Taylor, with whom Cory has two children.

An emotional part of the premiere featured Cory and Taylor discussing how their newborn daughter Maya required open heart surgery. During the episode, they also met with Cheyenne and her husband, Zach Davis, about the difficult situation.

In another tweet from Cory, he said he “was a ticking time bomb at that time” and “exploded” during a particular moment in his life captured for the cameras on MTV’s Teen Mom spinoff.

cory wharton says was ticking time bomb
Pic credit: @CoryWharton/Twitter

Viewers may have also noticed marks on his face during the recent episode. Cory said he fought with someone the night before, admitting, “I didn’t handle myself the way I wanted to.”

“It just show me that I still have a lot of room to grow & there’s nothing wrong with that,” he said in a tweet, adding in a follow-up tweet that “it helps to talk things out but I’m so stubborn.”

cory wharton shares why had marks on face teen mom
Pic credit: @CoryWharton/Twitter

Cory is ready for The Challenge: USA 2

As MTV’s Teen Mom: The Next Chapter continues to bring episodes into August, Cory will appear on his second reality show. The Challenge: USA 2 premieres August 10 on CBS.

The show is a spinoff version of the main series. Unlike the first season of The Challenge: USA, MTV stars will be part of the competition with CBS reality TV stars.

Cory qualifies as one of the MTV stars due to appearing in many reality TV shows, including Teen Mom, The Challenge, and Real World: Ex-Plosion.

In a promotional video clip, Cory spoke about returning for CBS’ spinoff, The Challenge: USA 2, after losing an elimination to a rookie on Spies, Lies & Allies.

“It is what it is. You know? I gave it everything I had. You can’t always win ’em all. Logan [Sampedro] got the better of me, and I lost fair and square. I’m just hoping this time around when I go down into elimination, it’s something that I feel confident in, and I can use my athletic abilities [to] hopefully turn out and get that win,” Cory said.

In the video, Cory also spoke about what he’s been up to since his last appearance on The Challenge. That included filming for a movie called Black Spartans, fighting in a celebrity boxing match, and having another baby, Maya.

Cory mentioned his newborn’s heart issues in the clip above, suggesting it could become part of his confessionals and story during his attempt to win The Challenge: USA 2. The Challenge’s promotional clip also revealed footage from Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, with Cory discussing the situation.

“Long story short, all my daughters are healthy, and they all told me, ‘Go kick some butt on The Challenge,’ and that’s what I’m here to do,” the multi-time finalist shared.

The Challenge: USA 2 premieres Thursday, August 10 at 10/9c on CBS.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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