The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas fires back at critic suggesting he ‘get a job’ and former castmate reacts

johnny bananas in the challenge usa 2 cast photo
The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas reacted to a critic calling out his career choice. Pic credit: CBS

The Challenge: USA 2 recently announced its full cast featuring CBS and MTV reality TV stars competing with one another.

Among the spinoff’s newcomers will be Big Brother’s Tyler Crispen and Alyssa Snida, as well as Survivor’s Chris Underwood and Cassidy Clark.

For MTV Legends, viewers will see stars including Tori Deal, Jonna Mannion, Wes Bergmann, and Johnny Bananas.

Bananas is returning for his third-straight Challenge show, having previously appeared on MTV’s Ride or Dies and Paramount Plus’ World Championship spinoff.

However, the return of several of the MTV stars seems to be rubbing a few fans and critics the wrong way.

One recently called out Bananas’ continued appearances on the show, prompting The Challenge legend to fire back.

Bananas fires back at critic telling him ‘get a job’

While Johnny Bananas has won seven seasons of The Challenge and provided countless hours of entertainment across his many appearances, not all Challenge fans are fans of the man considered the show’s GOAT.

One critic recently tweeted about Bananas’ repeat appearances on the competition show following the reveal of the cast for The Challenge: USA 2 this past week.

“I respect everything bananas has meant to the challenge but I need him to get a job like it’s time,” the show’s fan said in a critical comment.

That prompted the seven-time champion to retweet his critics’ comments with a few snarky remarks in typical Bananas fashion.

“Nah I think I’ll just continue getting paid stupid sums of money for traveling the world,” he wrote, adding emojis for a globe and airplane.

johnny bananas reacts to critic of his challenge appearances
Pic credit: @johnnybananas/Twitter

In another tweet, the critic said they were “done being cranky” about work stuff and would get theirs one day. That prompted another retweet from Bananas.

“If you had a fake job like me, you wouldn’t have work stuff to be cranky about,” the MTV legend tweeted.

bananas fires back at critic over usa 2 appearance
Pic credit: @johnnybananas/Twitter

Bananas’ castmate supports his career decision

In a reply to Bananas’ retweet of the fans’ comment, his former castmate Katelynn Cusanelli seemed to have his back over his career choice. However, Katelynn also suggested he has a good deal that “nobody else has access to” from the show.

“Yes it is incredibly stupid that you got grandfathered into a pay schedule that literally nobody else has access to and since you never needed to develop any life skills you’ll HAVE to do this until the day your joints give out,” Katelynn tweeted.

katelynn cusanelli tweets about bananas job
Pic credit: @k8mnstr/Twitter

As of this report, it’s unknown what type of pay schedule or amount Bananas gets that other cast members don’t. A recent report suggests Bananas’ net worth is approximately $1 million. That estimate could be light based on his Challenge winnings and various jobs.

Bananas is a seven-time winner on the show, with his prize total listed at $1.12 million, per The Challenge Wiki. Along with appearing on the show regularly, he hosts The Ringer’s Death, Taxes and Bananas podcast to cover the various Challenge shows.

In addition to The Challenge, he’s hosted several NBC shows, including First Look and Celebrity Sleepover. Bananas is also set to appear on another reality TV show for E! called House of Villains, and as Monsters and Critics reported, he had plans to open up his own boxing gym.

Bananas castmate Kailah Casillas recently called out the show’s “unfair pay structure.” In her reply to a fan question, Kailah indicated it made more financial sense for her not to do the show as she made better money away from it. Others have echoed those sentiments, including Bananas’ ex, Morgan Willett, and Natalie Negrotti.

Viewers will see Bananas return for another chance to win The Challenge when USA 2 arrives in August. The good news for his biggest critics or those not wanting to see him on the show is recent spoilers about Season 39 on MTV.

The Challenge: USA 2 premieres Thursday, August 10 at 10/9c on CBS.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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janie Townsend
janie Townsend
1 year ago

Love Johnny bananas, don’t hate him because you ain’t him!