The Challenge: Morgan Willett reacts to fans suggesting she return to the show, says she’d lose money

morgan willett in the challenge war of the worlds
Morgan Willett during The Challenge: War of the Worlds season. Pic credit: MTV

With a new season of MTV’s The Challenge expected to begin filming in June, rumors are swirling about the show’s cast and an interesting theme.

Some fans believe this may be one of the more unique formats for the show in recent memory, as it would only include non-winners competing on the show.

While speculation continues about which individuals will make up the cast of competitors, at least one former cast member says she won’t be appearing in the show.

Morgan Willett recently refuted rumors that she’s among those who will participate in The Challenge 39, indicating she’d received a lot of messages about it.

The former Big Brother winner said if she appeared on the show, she’d actually lose money due to her various business and brand deals.

Additionally, Morgan mentioned that the show’s production would “never tarnish the image of a certain someone” by allowing her to be on the show with her opposing side of the story.

Morgan Willett shuts down her return to The Challenge

Taking to her social media recently, one-time Challenger Morgan Willett addressed ongoing speculation that The Challenge “keeps trying” to get her back on the show.

While that may be true, Morgan says she just can’t do it unless there’s a substantial payment involved for her appearance on the show.

Morgan shared a screenshot of a message between herself and a fan. Above the screenshot, she indicated that it’s a common question she gets in DMs and told fans, “yall can stop sending me the tea pages.”

“I’d end up losing money if I went on by missing out on business/brand deals,” Morgan explained, adding, “they will never tarnish the image of a certain someone & I refuse to support that narrative, lol.”

Morgan explained it would also “wreak havoc” on her mental health if she were to appear on The Challenge, so she’d “rather go to Bali to celebrate [her] friends wedding” and market herself.

She mentioned she was “flattered by the support” from fans and that it makes her “tempted” to do the show again. However, she said it’s essential to prioritize protecting her own peace.

“Unless I was offered a big ole check and then I’d maybe think about throwing my peace out the window. but that’s not likely haha,” Morgan said.

Morgan dated The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas following the show

Morgan, 29, debuted on MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds following her winning Big Brother: Over the Top, the first-ever digital season of the competition series.

Her partner was Johnny Bananas for WOTW, with the two hitting it off during their limited time on the show. They’d go on to start dating one another after the show ended and seemed to be going strong after several years.

However, cheating allegations arrived, which Monsters and Critics reported, including a video that surfaced of Bananas getting cozy with a mystery woman.

It led to Morgan deciding to end things with The Challenge star, and she eventually spilled details of what went awry in their relationship.

Bananas remained quiet about their breakup, choosing only to give a brief statement to the media. He’s since gone on to have a showmance with The Challenge: Ride or Dies rookie Moriah Jadea, but that has also ended.

Based on early speculation, Moriah could be among those appearing in The Challenge Season 39, which some fans theorize could be a “redemption season” featuring only non-winners competing on the show.

Morgan previously addressed comments about her time on MTV’s The Challenge, admitting she wished she could “erase” that part of her life due to what happened. However, she also said she’s still “grateful” for that experience, which helped her gain more popularity on her social media.

In a recent Instagram post, she revealed she has a new podcast, with the premiere episode dropping on Monday, June 5. During her introduction of herself in the video trailer, she refers to herself as a “former reality TV star turned influencer.”

She’s seemingly moved on from reality TV and is enjoying other experiences, regularly traveling, going to concerts, enjoying time with friends, working out, and recently unveiling a new podcast.

The Challenge: USA 2 premieres Thursday, August 10 at 10/9c on CBS. The Challenge Season 39 is TBA for MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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