The Challenge: Amanda Garcia blasts Tori Deal as ‘loser’ and ‘botched clout chaser’ after USA 2 photo shade

the challenge usa 2 stars amanda and tori
Amanda Garcia and Tori Deal will appear as castmates in The Challenge: USA 2. Pic credit: CBS

The Challenge: USA 2 has yet to air its first episode, and several castmates are already sparring via social media due to potential drama on the show.

By now, it’s no secret that castmates Amanda Garcia and Tori Deal aren’t best friends, and recent online remarks continue to showcase their animosity toward each other.

On Tuesday, USA 2’s official cast photos and trailer were revealed. The spinoff’s second season includes rookies from reality TV shows, CBS stars who appeared on The Challenge, and six MTV stars, featuring several former Challenge champions.

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That group of six MTV stars included Tori and Amanda, who both got their start on the network’s dating show Are You The One? in different seasons.

As the reveals arrived, cast members shared their Challenge photos, with Tori sharing the group photo of herself, Johnny Bananas, Wes Bergmann, Jonna Mannion, Cory Wharton, and Amanda.

However, Amanda’s face was covered by a clown emoji that Tori put on the image, and many fans immediately noticed. A fan account posted a comparison shot of the original group photo versus Tori’s version.

the challenge usa 2 tori alters group photo
Tori alters the group photo from The Challenge: USA 2. Pic credit: @thechallengeteaa/Instagram

The Challenge’s Amanda Garcia blasts Tori after clown reference

Based on tweets from Amanda, she was at work when Tori initially shared the group photo, but once she learned about her castmate’s online shade, she didn’t hold back.

“I didn’t realize that roided out monster was such a fan thanks for highlighting me in your post loser hahahahaha,” Amanda tweeted.

In one of her follow-up tweets, Amanda suggested she’d prefer to be a clown over a “botched clout chaser” who “sucks old man d**k for money.”

“We’ll see who’s the real clown at the end of this season,” Amanda tweeted, adding multiple clown emojis and “CANT WAITTTTTT.”

amanda garcia tweets blast usa 2 castmate tori deal
Pic credit: @MTV_AMANDAG/Twitter

Amanda didn’t stop there, adding a few more tweets in which she directed remarks toward Tori.

“A ‘children’s author’ who doubles as a steroid injecting prostitute. UMMMM REWIND WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR KIDS FROM THIS MONSTER,” Amanda tweeted.

more tweets from usa 2 star amanda garcia
Pic credit: @MTV_AMANDAG/Twitter

She eventually put a stop to her tirade of tweets on Tuesday. Her final tweet included a GIF to let fans know she was signing off or leaving Twitter for the day.

However, Amanda picked up on Wednesday morning, sending out a few more warning shots on Twitter about messing with “the devil.”

“Lesson of the year pt 1: don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house b***h,” she wrote, with another indicating that messing with her brings out her inner devil.

amanda garcia wednesday tweets about lessons
Pic credit: @MTV_AMANDAG/Twitter

Tori called out Amanda for her remarks

Tori quickly reacted to her castmate’s remarks on Tuesday, posting several messages regarding what Amanda claimed.

“FYI… making lies about people doing illegal things is crossing a line,” Tori said in one screenshotted message, indicating she would get a “lawyer involved.”

tori deal posts messages about amanda remarks
Pic credit: @challengeteaa/Instagram

In a follow-up, Tori suggested that Amanda’s remarks were “defamation Of Character” and constituted “libel.”

tori reacts to amanda garcia tweets about her usa 2 castmate
Tori reacts to Amanda’s remarks online. Pic credit: @tori_deal/Instagram

Fans last saw Tori and Amanda as castmates during MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies, the 37th season of the competition series. Amanda’s time on the show ended in an elimination where she’d called out Tori, who easily defeated her in a Balls In-style event.

They also appeared at the season’s reunion, and Amanda didn’t hold back in some of her remarks about Tori and other castmates.

As of this report, the chatter has seemingly calmed down from both of The Challenge: USA 2 castmates online, with Tori seeming to have deleted her original photo with the clown face. Once the season begins on CBS, fans will likely see if anything unfolded between these two heated rivals.

The Challenge: USA 2 premieres Thursday, August 10, at 10/9c on CBS.

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