The Challenge’s Kailah Casillas calls out show’s ‘unfair’ pay structure: ‘I make more $ not going’

kailah casillas during ride or dies confessional
The Challenge’s Kailah Casillas during a Ride or Dies confessional interview. Pic credit: MTV

After multiple seasons on MTV’s The Challenge, former finalist Kailah Casillas let fans know that the pay structure might be what prevents her from returning to the show.

The former Real World cast member informed followers about the situation after opening her Instagram to an “Ask me anything” session.

One of the questions asked her when she would return to “avenge” her loss from MTV’s 38th Season, Ride or Dies, where she teamed up with her husband, Sam Bird.

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The duo had a disappointing run, losing to Tori Deal and Devin Walker in the season’s first elimination. Tori and Devin ultimately won the Ride or Dies final and the $1 million prize money, which Sam and Kailah probably wouldn’t have minded.

Despite the early exit, Kailah didn’t seem very sure about whether she’d come back for another try at winning the show.

“Haha. I dunno. It’s hard for me to want to go to the show again when I make more $ not going. I think their pay structure needs a change honestly,” she wrote in one slide.

Kailah calls out The Challenge pay structure

In another question a fan sent, someone asked Kailah to “Tell us more about the pay structure on the Challenge.” Kailah briefly described how it’s “unfair” and doesn’t make as much sense for her to go.

In her reply, she mentioned having done 11 shows. That started with her debut on Real World: Go Big or Go Home and included six seasons of MTV’s flagship version of The Challenge. Kailah also appeared in the Champs vs. Stars 2 spinoff on MTV in 2018 and the All-Stars 3 spinoff on Paramount Plus last year.

According to Kailah’s IG Story response, The Challenge pay structure only gives her credit for “the 6 flagship seasons” she has been on for MTV. She mentioned this is “only for USA contestants” as each show is “acknowledged into pay for UK or international contestants.”

Kailah explained that her husband Sam has appeared in just two shows but would be “in the same pay grade” as she is, despite being part of MTV’s reality TV franchise for eight years.

“I could get a lot more detailed, but just know, it’s unfair and I’m not only one who will say so,” Kailah replied, adding, “People won’t say anything because they need the money but at this point, I don’t.”

Kailah’s husband is away for a two-month tour this summer

Another thing fans asked Kailah about was her husband, Sam Bird, who has been absent from her recent content. The couple eloped to get married last year and reside in the United Kingdom.

The marriage still appears to be going strong, as Sam is away getting paid, but it’s not for reality TV.

In an Instagram post shared on Monday, he revealed the show dates for his two-month tour in Greece working as a DJ. Based on his post, he’ll officially begin the tour at Malia’s Oasis Pool Party on Wednesday, July 5, before hitting Zante’s Maui Hotel on July 6.

Sam revealed additional dates at those venues and some for Kavos and Magaluf. His tour extends through July and into August, officially wrapping up with a show on the 31st.

Based on that post, Sam is having no trouble finding work. Kailah has also been involved in other endeavors beyond reality TV, including promoting her subscription-based fansite, signing posters of herself as a Wonder Woman-like superhero, and other products on social media.

It’s worth noting that Kailah isn’t the first one to mention how being on MTV’s competition show isn’t financially smart for them. Others have included former contestants Natalie Negrotti and Morgan Willett, who are both involved in social media and other endeavors.

The Challenge: USA 2 premieres Thursday, August 10, at 10/9c on CBS. The Challenge Season 39 is TBA for MTV.

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