The Challenge: Sam Bird fires back at Emily Schromm for protein shake criticism, OG gives Nutella apology

ride or dies star sam bird in the challenge protein shake video
The Challenge: Ride or Dies rookie Sam Bird responded to Emily Schromm’s criticism of his protein shake. Pic credit: @TheChallenge/YouTube

After former The Challenge winner Emily Schromm called out a protein shake that Sam Bird and his wife Kailah Casillas made, the Ride or Dies rookie is firing back.

Viewers saw Sam debut in MTV’s Season 38 of The Challenge as the teammate for his wife, Challenge regular Kailah Casillas.

However, the duo’s time competing was short-lived, as they were ousted from the game in the opening episode’s elimination.

They appeared in a recent video on MTV’s The Challenge social media, including YouTube, where they gave fans their recipe for a protein shake they could use with their workout and diet routines.

The couple shared what Kailah called her PB & J Smoothie, which she said was “perfect as a post-workout snack.” The ingredients were unsweetened almond milk, jam, honey, frozen berries, protein powder, half of a banana, and peanut butter.

Kailah and Sam blended the concoction up before each enjoying a serving of the smoothie and reminding fans to watch The Challenge Workout series, with episodes arriving over the past several weeks on YouTube.

Emily called out Ride or Dies stars’ recipe

In addition to the video above appearing on The Challenge YouTube, it was shared on other platforms, including Instagram. Emily, a former cast member of MTV’s The Real World: D.C. and winner of The Challenge Rivals II, took exception to one ingredient in the smoothie.

She indicated she was “so down for all things Rachel and fitness” but asked The Challenge to “Please have peeps who know what they are talking about” when it comes to nutrition.

“Peeps don’t add peanut butter to your post workout,” Emily advised.

emily schromm ig comments to sam and kailah shake
Pic credit: @thechallenge/YouTube

Rachel is Rachel Robinson, also a former Challenge winner and the instructor for The Challenge Workout series. Sam and Kailah weren’t in any of the workout videos with Rachel, but their video was to help promote the series and give anyone working out a healthy post-workout drink.

Emily addressed Nutella incident from The Challenge

Emily’s criticism of the recipe brought some criticism back at her, as fans reminded her about her inappropriate and racist moment from Challenge history.

During her appearance in The Challenge: Battle of the Exes season, there was a scene where Emily covered her face in Nutella in what she thought was a “funny” way to make fun of her ex-boyfriend and Real World castmate, Ty Ruff. However, the moment was offensive to her castmate and viewers.

After Emily criticized Sam and Kailah’s shake, more than a few commenters called her out over that Nutella incident on Exes, to which she responded.

After explaining that peanut butter or any fat can slow down protein absorption, she commented on the blackface incident, saying, “I am so sorry the Nutella thing happened 9 years ago!”

“I learned my mistake and definitely learned what black face was when I woke up the next morning,” she said.

“If anything I am grateful I was an example for people to re-educate themselves in our f****d up history lessons (as I absolutely went home and did) and I hope I didn’t hurt anyone in my learning process,” Emily said.

She closed her comment by saying, “systemic racism DOES exist and it’s our job to constantly learn and improve and be a part of the change.”

emily schromm comments on challenge ig smoothie
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

Sam fires back at former The Challenge winner

While Sam didn’t say anything regarding Emily’s Nutella incident or her apology for that, he did respond to her remarks regarding him and Kailah not knowing what they were talking about with their recipe.

He indicated that he went to college in the United Kingdom for sports science and nutrition, which likely gives him some credibility when sharing a post-workout smoothie recipe.

“For me and Kailah this works well for us as we enjoy a very hard workout. A small amount of healthy fats (which is what it was) helps the body access stored carbohydrates (glycogen) to replenish after a workout. And guess what? PB and J tastes good!” Sam said.

“I’m down for people to give suggestions on what works for them, but only peeps that know what they are talking about ?,” he wrote.

sam bird from ride or dies reacts to emily schromm protein shake critique
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

While Sam and Kailah appeared in the recent season of MTV’s The Challenge, viewers last saw Emily during Rivals II, which she won alongside teammate Paula Meronek. That season aired in 2013 and was two seasons after Battle of the Exes, where Emily covered her face in Nutella to make fun of Ty.

As of this writing, Emily hasn’t responded to The Challenge: Ride or Dies rookie’s comment.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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