The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 17 recap: Competitors begin 100-hour final and tough injuries strike

Jordan Wiseley in The Challenge Season 38 Episode 17
Jordan Wiseley appears in The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 17. Pic credit: MTV

The final four teams returned to The Challenge house, celebrating that they’d reached the final. Those teams are Johnny Bananas with Nany Gonzalez, Jordan Wiseley with Aneesa Ferreira, Olivia Kaiser with Horacio Gutierrez, and Tori Deal with Devin Walker.

Bananas joked about taking the money for himself if they won, causing Nany to start playfully hitting him. He hugged her, saying he’d never, before crossing his fingers for the camera.

The next day, the competitors were mostly outdoors, some still in their sleepwear, when host TJ Lavin arrived on a motorcycle at the house. He called them all together and told them, “the time is now” to begin the final.

He informed them this would be a 100-hour final, bringing plenty of surprised and disgusted looks. A montage of highlights from the upcoming final flashed on-screen.

TJ had four 4x4s with Challenge logos for the teams to get in and drive to the start point of the final. Devin took over the driver’s seat from Tori because she couldn’t drive a stick shift.

At one point, Bananas and Nany pulled over to ask for directions, but they were shown asking for a bunch of farm animals in a field.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies final begins

The competitors reached a checkpoint at night, where TJ informed them they had a trunk full of everything they needed for a good night’s rest. However, teams had to unlock their trunks by pedaling 100 kilometers each on exercise bikes.

They had a funny scene focused on a sweaty and shirtless Horacio, with various castmates shown eyeing his abs.

Nany got annoyed that Bananas was goofing around and told him to take it seriously. The rookies got to 100km first and unlocked their trunk. Aneesa and Jordan were next, followed by Bananas and Nany.

Devin and Tori finally finished their 100km. Each team set up tents and chairs to rest for the next day.

When morning hit, TJ arrived on an ATV for Hour 19 of the final. He told them they would be in a race through several stations and needed to complete each one to continue.

The competitors started in a foot race along the dirt roads and woods. At one point, Jordan suggested they veer off the course into the woods. Aneesa rolled her ankle and started yelling for Jordan as she hobbled toward him.

Challengers take on bolas toss and disgusting drinks

The first checkpoint had the competitors tossing bolas- two colored balls attached to a string, onto vertical bars across from them on a field. They could sabotage another team with a pitcher of a disgusting, rank smoothie for every two bolas they landed on their bars. The objective was for a team to get 10 bolas before moving on.

Olivia cut her finger open when trying to throw a bola, causing her to bleed profusely. She was shown holding her hand with blood dripping and saying she needed stitches.

On-site medics attended to her finger while Horacio kept throwing bolas for their team. Devin and Bananas called a truce with each other’s teams and started to sabotage the rookies with pitchers of the drink.

After they got all 10 bolas, Tori and Devin had to consume the disgusting drinks other teams gave them. However, the drink had fish guts, and Tori is vegan, so Devin did all theirs, puking along the way. Eventually, they finished and took off on their run ahead of the other three teams, who had their own fun trying to down the drinks.

The other veteran teams eventually finished their pitchers of the drink, but the rookies had more pitchers and were stuck behind.

Second checkpoint features tire stack puzzle

Next up, they had a station with all the Ride or Dies eliminated competitors’ names on tires. They had to transport all of those tires two at a time a kilometer away to another station and arrange them in the order the competitors got eliminated.

Jordan was frustrated by how Aneesa wasn’t moving quickly and other teams were ahead. In confessional, he said he has a “legacy to protect,” which makes him push others harder. At the tire checkpoint, Nany also noticed Aneesa limping.

Tori and Devin grabbed the lead once again. They eventually completed the tire checkpoint to move on. Devin said in confessional the goal wasn’t just to beat the other teams but to “demoralize them.”

That next checkpoint was to use slingshots to knock out two targets. The first ones to get it done would get to sabotage another team. Devin was ready for this one and guided Tori on how to do the slingshot. They finished it quickly and sabotaged the rookies.

Bananas and Nany finished the tire checkpoint and headed toward the slingshots with targets. However, they struggled with their aim, and frustration started to affect them.

Ride or Dies rookies suffer misfortune at third checkpoint

Horacio and Olivia got to the slingshot checkpoint and, due to the sabotage, had to knock down four targets to move on. Bananas and Nany finished the station and took off running. Jordan and Aneesa finally finished their tire checkpoint in fourth place to head to the slingshot station.

Horacio was able to knock out two of the targets with the slingshot quickly, but Olivia struggled due to her bandaged finger. She kept trying, but disaster struck at one point. The slingshot backfired, and the ball hit Olivia in the face. She immediately started bleeding and holding her face in her hands, saying she’d broken her nose.

slingshot checkpoint for the challenge 38 episode 17
Ride or Dies rookies Olivia and Horacio attempt the slingshot checkpoint in the final. Pic credit: MTV

They took Olivia into the back of an ambulance to bring her to a hospital. Horacio couldn’t go along but told her he was proud of her for what she’d done. He said he would try to finish the final if they would allow him. However, TJ informed him in a tough scene that he “lives and dies by his Ride or Dies partner,” so they’re both eliminated.

An executive producer was shown hugging and consoling Horacio, who was quite upset over the elimination. In confessional, Horacio was understanding of Olivia’s situation and told her, “you blew my expectations out of the water.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better partner,” Horacio said, and the rookies hugged.

Jordan and Aneesa arrived at the slingshot checkpoint to see Horacio alone and upset. Aneesa asked what happened, and he said Olivia was out due to breaking her nose. The episode ended with Jordan and Aneesa about to start on the checkpoint while the other two teams were ahead.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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