The Challenge: All Stars Episode 7 trailer reveals upcoming mission, TJ’s big announcement

darrell taylor aneesa ferreira and jonna manion the challenge all stars
Darrell Taylor, Aneesa Ferreira, and Jonna Mannion react to TJ Lavin’s announcement on The Challenge: All Stars. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars has been captivating viewers each week with a combination of fun and competitive intensity along with bits of drama sprinkled in.

There have also been a few TJ Lavin twists along the way, as competitors are battling in Argentina for a solo prize of $500,000. Only one competitor will walk away with the prize money and bragging rights, and based on the new Episode 7 trailer, the final is super close.

TJ drops a major announcement in the trailer, which also showcases the next daily challenge and possibly an argument amongst two of the cast members on the way.

The Challenge: All Stars Episode 7 mission and cast drama teased

The daily missions or challenges on All Stars have been just as difficult as many of the ones seen on MTV’s regular season of The Challenge. In Episode 3 of MTV’s Double Agents, viewers saw competitors battling on top of a speeding semi-truck. That brought several injuries for competitors, some of whom were medically disqualified and sent home.

The Challenge: All Stars Episode 7 will also feature a daily challenge involving a moving truck. In this one, it appears that the competitors are trying to jump from spot to spot along the side of the moving truck. Luckily, the OGs will be wearing harnesses for this one.

A voiceover from Darrell Taylor indicates he thinks he could be going home tonight based on how he does in that daily challenge. Darrell is on the All Stars spinoff following his appearance on MTV’s Double Agents. So is castmate Aneesa Ferreira.

Speaking of Aneesa, she’s featured in another scene in the Episode 7 trailer. Based on the way the footage is presented, Jisela Delgado could be calling her out for backstabbing her after Aneesa says she’s playing the game with integrity.

Aneesa survived until Episode 15 of the longer Double Agents season, but will she change how she plays the game to make it to The Challenge: All Stars final? The trailer below could hold an indication that Aneesa is doing whatever it takes to get closer to that $500,000.

TJ drops big announcement at elimination, possible spoilers

Another major thing that pops up during the trailer footage is a revelation at The Arena. It seems host TJ Lavin is telling the competitors this is the last elimination of the All Stars season. After that, anyone remaining is automatically going to be in the final.

Heading into the episode, 14 competitors are remaining out of the original 22. Episode 7 is expected to feature another double-elimination event, reducing the cast to 12 competitors.

Based on that All Stars midseason trailer from not long ago, it seemed to show off the four competitors that might be competing in the final elimination. The trailer had Jisela, Nehemiah Clark, Eric “Big Easy” Banks, and Kendal Sheppard all shown in helmets at The Arena. Of note, Kendal was in the last episode’s elimination.

Besides those four competitors, the other remaining competitors include Aneesa, Darrell, KellyAnne Judd, Jonna Mannion, Mark Long, Derrick Kosinski, Alton Williams, Yes Duffy, Jemmye Carroll, and Ruthie Alcaide. At least one of the aforementioned competitors is going to leave Argentina $500,000 richer.

With 12 competitors remaining, that leaves a lot of players to compete for one cash prize. The format of the All Stars final may be similar to what viewers saw in Episode’s 5 Connect Em All mission, though. In that daily challenge, the competitors started in teams, did the next leg of the mission in pairs, and then finished it individually.

The Challenge: All Stars Episode 7 will be the third-to-last episode of the season and arrives on-demand on Paramount+ on May 13. Episode 8 will arrive a week later, on May 20, with the finale, Episode 9, set for May 27. An All Stars reunion will arrive after the season to give fans a look back at what went down on the spinoff show.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount+

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