The Challenge: All Stars 2 spoilers reveal more eliminations, rumored DQs from spinoff season

the challenge all stars 2 spoilers for other elimination matchups and results
The Challenge: All Stars Season 1 featured solo and team eliminations. Pic credit: Paramount+

The latest Challenge: All Stars 2 spoilers continue to give fans an idea of how the eliminations went down to send certain cast members home from the spinoff series’ second season.

Among the latest elimination reveals is mention of one player’s disqualification, which may surprise some fans based on their track record.

Read on for more details about the All Stars 2 spoilers, including the elimination matchups that were recently revealed.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 eliminations include DQ

In the first season of The Challenge: All Stars, viewers didn’t see any disqualifications, but they did see a cast member quit instead of participating in the elimination. That was Arissa Hill, who flipped out on her castmates for voting her in and flipped them off after a rant full of swears before exiting.

Based on previous All Stars 2 spoilers, one competitor quit during elimination, and it was against a competitor not normally known as an elimination threat.

In the newest spoilers, several competitors are rumored to have left the game due to a disqualification, while other competitors were eliminated by castmates. Swipe below to see the elimination spoilers as posted by the @mtvchallengeinsider Instagram.

Based on the above spoilers, Kendal Sheppard was a DQ. The team of Cohutta Grindstaff and Casey Cooper were also disqualified, based on spoilers. Both players were alternates for Season 1 who got a chance to compete in Season 2.

It’s definitely a surprise to see Kendal leave her second season without making it to the final. As of right now, there’s only speculation about why she was disqualified from All Stars 2. In her first season on the spinoff, she was called into elimination by Nehemiah Clark as his partner. They were then eliminated by Eric “Big Easy” Banks and Jisela Delgado.

Also surprising is to see Teck “Money” Holmes win an elimination against former Road Rules star Steve Meinke. It should be interesting to see the various elimination events, as Teck was close to defeating Nehemiah in Season 1.

Other eliminations and who won All Stars 2

In addition to the eliminations revealed above, there were spoilers for several other eliminations that happened during All Stars 2 filming. Among them is what could be quite an elimination event where Brad Fiorenza eliminated Derrick Kosinski.

It also appears that returning Road Rules star Ayanna Mackins is a force to be reckoned with in elimination events. She, along with Melinda Stolp and Nehemiah, participated in two eliminations each. Check out four of the other elimination matchups and their results below.

There was also a mention of former Road Rules star Tina Barta quitting during her elimination. Will TJ Lavin give her a similar speech to Arissa, or was Tina’s reason for quitting different?

Along with the eliminations, spoilers showed the 10 finalists and who won the All Stars 2 final. The cast will include returning favorites from All Stars Season 1 and other returning Challenge OGs, including Melinda Stolp, MJ Garrett, Tina, Cohutta, Casey, and Tyler Duckworth.

With the final now completed, it appears fans could get a trailer in the coming weeks and the premiere of the season in September, although that’s purely speculation as of this report.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 is TBA for 2021 on Paramount Plus.

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