The cast of Teen Mom came together to celebrate Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton’s daughter’s birthday

Cheyenne Floyd Teen Mom confessional
Several moms from the Teen Mom franchise traveled to California to celebrate Cheyenne’s daughter’s birthday. Pic credit: MTV

It was a Teen Mom reunion of sorts for Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton’s daughter Ryder’s sixth birthday party.

Cheyenne and her husband, Zach Davis, hosted a themed party to celebrate Ryder’s big day, and plenty of their Teen Mom castmates were in attendance.

Cheyenne shared a carousel of photos on Instagram to commemorate the “Six is a Vibe” celebration.

Guests dressed in their best ’60s and ’70s-themed attire, and the decorations and food matched their vibe.

Cheyenne opted for a pair of flower power bellbottom pants while Zach donned a tie-dyed Grateful Dead t-shirt. Ryder looked adorable with her hair in buns, secured with white daisies, wearing a crocheted halter top with fringe and matching flower power jeans.

Ryder’s little brother Ace looked equally as adorable with a graphic tee, jeans, and brightly-colored tennis shoes.

Ryder’s dad, Cory, went all out with his costume, donning a curly afro wig and a leisure suit with a floral top. Cory’s longtime girlfriend and baby mama, Taylor Selfridge, joined him and sported a colorfully-patterned jumpsuit and chunky earrings. Even one of MTV’s producers was in attendance for Ryder’s big day.

Cheyenne Floyd’s Teen Mom castmates traveled to California to celebrate Ryder’s hippy-themed birthday party

Cheyenne’s castmate, Jade Cline, made the trek from Indiana to California to celebrate with Ryder and her family. Jade brought along her fiance, Sean Austin, and their daughter, Kloie.

Jade was clad in a tie-dyed catsuit and wore rose-colored glasses reminiscent of John Lennon’s famous spectacles. Jade posted some group photos on her Instagram, showing that some other cast members from the Teen Mom franchise were in attendance.

Jade’s BFF, Briana DeJesus, also made the trek from Florida to California to take part in the festivities, as did her friend, Shae Kogut. Briana’s ex, Devoin Austin, also traveled from Florida, as did Briana’s sister, Brittany DeJesus, and her fiance, Steven.

Some of the moms from Young and Pregnant also showed up — Kayla Sessler and Kiaya Elliott were both in Jade’s group photo, each clad in their groovy-themed attire, and brought along their kids. Jade’s friend, Chau, who has appeared on Teen Mom Family Reunion, also joined the fun.

Cheyenne spared no expense on Ryder’s lavish birthday celebration

In another photo dump on Instagram, Cheyenne shared some photos of the party, proving that she certainly went to great lengths to pull off the grand outdoor celebration.

The children sat at rectangular tables, where floral arrangements acted as the centerpieces, accompanied by hot pink transparent acrylic chairs.

For party favors, guests were treated with “Vibes to Go From the CEO,” Ryder herself, who provided her friends with nail polish from her Nails By Ryder K line, as well as t-shirts, hoodies, and other accessories.

There was a cotton candy machine with a sign that read, “Ryder’s A Vibe,” pastel-colored confections labeled “Peace Love & Treats,” and an ice cream cart.

Cheyenne also brought in a pink bouncy castle adorned with multi-colored balloon clusters, kids could make their own jewelry at a bead station, and everyone enjoyed tacos from a Taco Maco Catering taco truck.

Along with tagging everyone responsible for the party, Cheyenne captioned her share, “The details, I had so much fun planning this years party! ?☮️.”

Teen Mom Family Reunion is currently on hiatus.

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