The best and worst dressed Real Housewives of Potomac cast members in the history of the show

RHOP stars past and present are ranked as best or worst dressed
RHOP cast ranked as best and worst dressed. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Potomac cast is not exactly known for their keen fashion sense.

But that’s not to say that some of the women don’t know how to bring it in the style department.

Unfortunately, the fashion offenders tend to get a lot more attention than the style mavens.

So today, we’re separating the good from the bad and calling out Potomac’s worst fashion offenders and giving the real style icons their just dues.

Here’s where the cast members rank.

Best: Karen Huger

RHOP star Karen Huger takes the number one spot as best dressed on the cast
Karen Huger is the best dressed Potomac Housewife. Pic credit: Bravo

The grand dame was once mocked for her bad wigs, but these days, Karen Huger is the best-dressed on the Potomac cast.

The 57-year-old stole the show last season, with an endless array of stylish outfits.

Whether she was rocking designer labels or figure-hugging outfits, the La Dame fragrance creator slayed every single time.

Just check out her social media and you’ll see why the RHOP star deserves this honor.

But Karen truly solidified her style status at the Season 5 reunion.

Clad in a custom-made Ese Ezenabor embellished dress with a high slit, the reality TV star easily scored best dressed with this ensemble.

Karen topped off the look with a blonde, butt-length ponytail from her very own wig collection proving why she deserves the top spot as the most stylish Potomac Housewife.

Worst: Gizelle Bryant

RHOP star Gizelle Bryant is the worst dressed on the cast
Gizelle Bryant is worst dressed Potomac cast member. Pic credit: Bravo

Gizelle Bryant is an absolute beauty, but her fashion choices leave much to be desired.

From embellished headbands to mismatched prints, it’s hard to figure out the RHOP star’s specific style, but one thing we can say is that it certainly leaves an impression.

As a matter of fact, Gizelle is constantly trashed on social media for her strange ensembles.

And, we’ve witnessed some memorable ones over the years.

One fashion faux pas came courtesy of a hat with an embellished crown glued to the front.

But, that’s not the only fashion crime that the green-eyed beauty committed during Season 5.

It’s hard to forget the unsightly sequined dress that she paired with thigh-high boots or the PU peplum leather blouse with puffed sleeves that Gizelle paired with cut-out jeans and a beaded guitar crossbody bag.

There was also a purple sequin lip sweater and a crystal-embellished Gucci headband that had us scratching our heads in confusion.

Best: Candiace Dillard

RHOP alum Candiace Dillard  ranks high on the best-dressed list
Candiace Dillard is one of the best dressed Potomac cast members. Pic credit: Bravo

Say what you want about Candiace Dillard, but it’s hard to deny that this pint-sized beauty has her fashion game on point.

The former beauty queen is always impeccably dressed and she switches up her style as often as possible.

Candiace seamlessly goes from blunt bobs and neat updos, to long braids, and everything in between.

She certainly brings a youthful vibe to the Potomac cast and knows how to pick just the right outfit for any and every occasion while pairing both designer pieces and cost-effective options.

Some of her most memorable looks from Season 5 include a hot pink one-piece swimsuit by House of CB and a faux fur color block coat from Shein.

Her adorable ensembles whether costly or cheap always seem like high fashion and that’s the mark of a true fashionista.

Worst: Katie Rost

RHOP alum Katie Rost is one of the worst dressed on the cast
Katie Rost is one of the worst dressed alums on RHOP: Pic credit: Bravo

Katie Rost was an original member of The Real Housewives of Potomac cast.

And while her stint on the show was short-lived, she left a memorable impression on viewers.

The Bravo alum had a nice-enough sense of style often rocking cute cocktail dresses and formal attire that spoke to her former life as a fashion model.

However, when the 40-year-old made a return to the show in Season 4, her behavior was quite different and so were her fashion choices.

It was hard to ignore the ill-fitted wigs that Katie debuted during the season, and both fans and her castmates had quite a bit to say about that.

Katie’s once classic style had also transformed into a mismatch of random ensembles clearly strewn together without much thought.

While it’s clear that the RHOP alum has no desire to be a fashionista, given her background in modeling we expected so much more from her.

Best: Wendy Osefo

RHOP alum Wendy Osefo  ranks high on the best dressed list
Wendy Osefo is one of the best dressed Potomac cast members. Pic credit: Bravo

Having four degrees is not the only thing that RHOP newbie Wendy Osefo can brag about.

She has every right to highlight her keen sense of fashion as well. The John Hopkins University professor came dressed to impress during every single episode.

Whether she’s donning an authentic Nigerian ensemble or modern pieces, Wendy knows how to keep it classy but stylish.

One thing about this Potomac Housewife is that her fashion choices are just as colorful and spicy as her personality.

Who could forget the snakeskin bodysuit Wendy confidently rocked during the cast trip? And she topped off the stylish Nike ensemble with a Gucci belt-bag and Gucci sandals.

The RHOP star gave us a few more memorable outfits during her rookie season as well– with some of our favorites being a neon zebra print two-piece skirt set, and a white one-shoulder dress by House of CB.

Wendy may have four degrees but she gets five stars for her classy style.

Worst: Ashley Darby

Ashley Darby needs work in the style department
Ashley Darby is one of the worst dressed Potomac cast members. Pic credit: Bravo

Ashley Darby is one of the youngest members of the RHOP cast but her style is a bit dated and underwhelming.

The Maryland native has a spicy personality but her sense of fashion is anything but.

While the 32-year-old knows how to rock a cute yoga outfit, her style game outside of the yoga studio needs a lot of work.

The RHOP star even got dragged on social media for an atrocious curly wig she wore during a Season 4 confessional.

The ensemble was so bad that it even became a topic of conversation at the Season 4 reunion.

And speaking of reunions, this is where Ashley commits her worst fashion crimes.

The curly hair beauty rocked a teal, sequined outfit with cap sleeves, yes cap sleeves, during the Season 3 reunion that would have been better served at a pageant.

And while her Season 4 outfit was a welcome improvement, it still missed the mark.

But the worst one of all was the Season 5 reunion where the RHOP star donned a strange custom-fitted dress with a dangerously high slit and oddly placed sequined pieces at the sides.

Best: Monique Samuels

RHOP alum Monique Samuels ranks high on the best dressed list
Monique Samuels is one of the best dressed Potomac cast members. Pic credit: Bravo

Monique Samuels was the most talked-about cast member during her final season on The Real Housewives of Potomac.

But her dramatic fight in Season 5 won’t be the only thing we remember about the mom-of-three.

Monique set the bar quite high with her keen sense of fashion and she absolutely stunned in all of her confessionals.

What we love about the RHOP star is her ability to take fashion risks.

The 37-year-old wore a Mulwala mini dress by Zhivago during one of her confessionals that still has us talking. And , she topped off the look with a stunning African-inspired hairstyle that paired beautifully with the outfit.

Monique also gave us another stylish ensemble when she rocked a neon, bow-shoulder dress by Elliatt early on in Season 5.

And, her final moment as a Potomac Housewife was a fashionable one as well.

She turned up at the reunion in a stunning custom dress by Riley Knox and topped off the look with a short blunt bob that had perfection written all over it. A true fashion queen in her own right.

Worst: Robyn Dixon

RHOP cast member Robyn Dixon is one of the worst dressed women on the cast
Robyn Dixon is one of the worst dressed Potomac cast members. Pic credit: Bravo

Much like her RHOP bestie, Robyn Dixon needs a bit of work in the style department.

The mom-of-two has made some questionable style choices over the years, which is why she is ranked among our worst dressed on the cast.

However, to Robyn’s credit, she did have some great fashion moments during Season 5 and is quickly proving that she could very well move over to the best-dressed list in due time.

The 41-year-old rocked a pink Rotate blazer dress during an early episode that made head turns.

Style mavens such as Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne from the Beverly Hills franchise have also worn the same Rotate blazer which means Robyn was in good company.

Despite this fashion moment, many of the other outfits we’ve seen from Robyn over the years didn’t quite hit the mark.

Furthermore, any style points the Potomac Housewife would have scored throughout the season would have been taken away after the hideous leopard print hairstyle she rocked at the Season 5 reunion.

Worst: Charrisse Jackson-Jordan

RHOP alum Charrisse Jackson needs to step up her style game
Charrisse Jackson is on the list of worst dressed. Pic credit: Bravo

Charrisse Jackson-Jordan was an original member of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

And to be fair, they all had bad style during the early years of the show.

While we wouldn’t rank her as the absolute worst, Charrisse is certainly not on the best-drssed list either.

And while she’s somewhere in the middle, this RHOP star is leaning more on the worst dressed side simply because her fashion choices are well, simple! Nothing special.

Charrisse’s style may very much have improved since we last saw her on the show, but during her stint on RHOP, she wore a lot of simple cocktail dresses that didn’t really leave a memorable impression on anyone.

And one thing we noticed is that she didn’t experiment much with her hairstyles either. No matter the occasion, she rocked long brown locks either with bangs or without.

The Bravo alum does have some nice pieces in her collection, but she could certainly stand to step her style game up a bit.

The Real Housewives of Potomac is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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