The Bachelor’s Marlena Wesh tells ABC to ‘release the men,’ gets Leroy Arthur instead

Marlena Wesh
Marlena Wesh and Leroy Arthur engaged in playful Twitter dispute over The Bachelorette contestants. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor’s Marlena Wesh said what all of Bachelor Nation was thinking when she tweeted at ABC to release Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s contestants.

However, the message was the start of a chaotic Twitter chain that left Leroy Arthur pulling a “Kanye 2009,” Sierra Jackson asking for more seasoning, and Marlena zipping her lips on the new cast list.

Marlena Wesh and Leroy Arthur talk The Bachelorette contestants

After Marlena requested ABC to “release the men,” Leroy Arthur from Michelle Young’s Season jumped in to the fray.

“Imma let you finish…but Michelle’s season had a great class of men *Kanye 2009,” Arthur tweeted, referencing the moment that Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech.

Marlena’s first response to Leroy, which read, “I didn’t say y’all didn’t!!! can I be curious of who was deemed worthy enough for my girls!!?? Sheeeeesh Leroy,” appears to have been deleted.

Marlena’s castmate Sierra Jackson also didn’t hesitate to respond when she messaged back with a clever twist on Leroy’s words.

Marlena Wesh Twitter
Pic credit: @MarlenaWesh/Twitter

However, she got Leroy back for his teasing when Rachel and Gabby’s contestants were revealed. Marlena joked that she wasn’t going to share her thoughts quite yet in case Leroy and the rest of Season 18 had more words for her.

Marlena and Leroy
Pic credit: @leroyandretti/Twitter

Marlena Wesh gives her thoughts on The Bachelorette cast reveal

Marlena couldn’t hold back her thoughts for too long, however, and did eventually cave, writing another tweet with her first reactions to the cast.

She praised the age range, which varies from 23 to 31 years old, as well as picked out five specific men to watch out for.

Marlena Wesh Twitter
Pic credit: @MarlenaWesh/Twitter

The Bachelor Nation star revealed she has her eye on 25-year-old Koy Schneiter, 29-year-old Aven Jones, 27-year-old Corbin Shaw, 31-year-old Mario Vassall, and 30-year-old Jason A.

Marlena denied that she was looking out for who might appear in Bachelor in Paradise later on.

Marlena Wesh Twitter
Pic credit: @MarlenaWesh/Twitter

Bachelor fans have been in an uproar over confusion about whether The Bachelor spinoff will take place this summer. If it does, Marlena and many of Clayton Echard’s other contestants have a good chance of making it to the beach.

However, Marlena assured her followers and Leroy that she is currently focused on making sure that Rachel and Gabby have a good selection of men to choose from.

A date for Bachelor in Paradise has yet to be announced, but The Bachelorette will return in July of this year.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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