The Bachelor’s Marlena Wesh apologizes to Sarah Hamrick for ‘perpetuating a dangerous stereotype’

Marlena Wesh
The Bachelor’s Marlena Wesh apologized for perpetuating stereotypes in a remark toward Sarah Hamrick. Pic credit: @marlenawesh/Instagram

The Bachelor’s Marlena Wesh apologized to Sarah Hamrick for a racially stereotyped remark toward Asian women she made on the roast date.

After intense backlash about the comment, both Marlena and Sarah took to Instagram to speak about the interaction and about microaggressions.

Marlena Wesh apologized for making a racially stereotypical comment toward Sarah Hamrick

Marlena posted and then quickly deleted a full recap of the jokes she made about the other women during the roast date.

Fans were dismayed by her comments appearing to imply that Asian women are more likely to perform sex acts.

“Sarah, my little Asian persuasion,” Marlena said. “One thing’s for certain and two things for damn sure, if Clayton ends up with Sarah, at least we know he gonna get a happy ending,” she said while miming the sex act.


Reply to @marlenawesh They’re “hiding” behind a fake account because you keep deleting comments from the people who call you out #stopaapihate

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Marlena issued a public apology to anyone she had hurt with her comments and promised to do better.

“I perpetuated a dangerous stereotype and because of that I want to apologize to all that were offended and hurt by such an ignorant and cruel comment,” she wrote. “I will learn, I will grow, and I will do better.”

She also revealed that she has spoken privately to Sarah about the incident.

Sarah Hamrick supported Marlena Wesh in her apology

Sarah herself came out in support of Marlena, commenting “My girl! You have the best heart and are one of the most caring women I’ve ever met, who especially stands up for what is right. I love you!”

Sarah Hamrick comment
Pic credit: @marlenawesh/Instagram

She also posted a statement to her Instagram story revealing that she and Marlena had roomed together and often shared stories of their experiences as women of color. Sarah has previously spoken out about feeling isolated in her adopted family growing up.

“We have spoken and are aware that what was said presents dangerous stereotypes for Asian women,” Sarah wrote. “While we can acknowledge that the joke was too far, please show Marlena grace, as I know she is truly sorry and would never intentionally cause harm.”

Sarah Hamrick Instagram story
Pic credit: @sarahahamrick/Instagram

Sarah opened up earlier this week about being ‘roasted’ for her race on The Bachelor but did not mention at the time who had made the comments.

 It appears that the two women still share a strong bond and are working together to address the harmful comments.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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