The Bachelorette: Who is Logan Palmer?

Logan Palmer
More about Logan Palmer. Pic credit: ABC

The current Bachelorette season is like none other Bachelor Nation fans have seen before.

As Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s journey of finding love is now being aired for all to see, so are the men competing for their hearts.

Thus far, after two aired episodes, Rachel and Gabby are only just beginning to get to know the male suitors who are there to win over the two women.

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Moving forward, however, it appears that both Gabby and Rachel, as well as the men still there, will have to choose one path or the other.

Will they accept Gabby’s rose for the duration of the show? Or will they take a rose from Rachel?

The duo seems to be in charge of their own destiny and not afraid to make their own rules, like canceling the first rose ceremony and sending home Chris Austin for his comments. As the season progresses, one man fans want to know more about is Logan Palmer.

Logan Palmer seems to have a connection with both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia

As viewers watched last night’s episode, it seemed that Logan was interested in both Gabby and Rachel and that the feelings were mutual with both women.

While Rachel filled Gabby in that she and Logan shared a kiss, Gabby seemingly did not reciprocate the information that she, too, had a make-out session with Logan.

It seems that Logan will have a difficult decision to make as the season progresses, and he allegedly has to decide between the two women and who he would like to continue a relationship with.

Who is Logan Palmer?

Logan is a 26-year-old from San Diego, California, and according to his bio, “Logan is a California beach boy who loves the sun, surf, and the idea of finding someone to share them both with for the rest of time. While he loves to hang with his boys, he’s ready to trade in bachelorhood and find someone to grow with in a meaningful way.”

His bio also states that he is “witty, self-aware and goofy” and looking for someone who is a free spirit just as he is. Logan also said he wants to be with someone who is low maintenance and artsy.

Outside the mansion, Logan is a Production Technician at Raindrop, a marketing agency based in San Diego.

He also graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2018 and has previous experience as a camera operator for the San Diego Padres and as a videographer and editor for a news station based in San Diego as well.

Spoilers about Logan Palmer from Reality Steve

According to Reality Steve and his Bachelorette spoilers and news, Logan allegedly does not make it into either Gabby or Rachel’s final four men.

It’s also unknown whether he self-eliminates, which woman he decides to go after, or exactly when he was sent home.

However, Bachelor Nation fans will see Logan again. He will appear on the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, which is set to air in late September.

Even though it doesn’t look like Logan will make it to the end with either woman, it seems he has a pretty strong connection with Gabby and Rachel as of now.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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