The Bachelorette viewers go wild as Men Tell All drama hits the highest level of petty

Peter Izzo
The Men Tell All had an abundance of pettiness. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette Men Tell All recently aired and it certainly delivered lots of drama and pettiness. 

With several men causing drama and issues throughout the season, there was a lot to unpack once they all reunited, and Michelle Young’s men didn’t hold back in heatedly rehashing their issues. 

The Men Tell All reached a new level of petty and The Bachelorette viewers had a lot to say about it. Here are the pettiest moments from the episode and viewers’ reactions to them.

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Ryan Fox accused of wanting to go viral 

Ryan was one of the first controversial contestants of the season. The Bachelorette cohosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe found documents in his room that showed he had carefully calculated and mapped out how to succeed on the show. 

Ryan’s scheme was revealed to Michelle and she was able to see the papers, confront him, and quickly send him home. During the Men Tell All, Ryan continued to claim that he only had those papers because he had never seen the show and his friends suggested he bring notes. 

However, it is known that Ryan participated in The Bachelor Live on Stage and the men questioned how he could claim to be so unfamiliar with the show when he participated in a version of the experience in the past. Ryan was accused by the men of just wanting to go viral and he didn’t have much of a rebuttal at that accusation. 

Peter Izzo’s pizza business gets bashed and Will Urena gets served 

Petter and Will had one of the pettiest feuds in Bachelor Nation. During a classroom group date with Michelle, Will accused Peter of being a narcissist. Later, when Will won a jacket during the Top Gun group date, Peter threw the jacket in a pool during an argument. 

At the Men Tell All, Peter and Will’s beef was still going strong. Will continually bashed Peter’s pizza business and many of the men were outspoken about how annoying Peter was in the house. Later, Tayshia and Katlyn read one-star reviews that Peter’s business received, which seemed to have been placed after Will exposed his pizza business. 

Finally, in a uniquely petty act, Peter had a man come on stage and serve Will a document, accusing Will of defamation. Peter and Will later buried the hatchet when Peter handed out his signature pizza to the men and Will hesitantly admitted that the pizza was good. 

Olumide Onajide confronts Chris S and his disparaging comments 

Chris S was considered a snake by many men in the house and made rude comments about several men like Nayte and Olumide, who became a fan favorite.

At the Men Tell All, Olu confronted Chris S for stating he had a low IQ. Olu passionately told Chris to never attack his intelligence again as he’s an example of Black excellence and has a Master’s degree. 

Olu stood up, looking sharp in an orange suit, and got in front of Chris S’s face since Chris wasn’t making eye contact and was met with applause as he defended himself.

Jamie Skaar is put in the hot seat for being disrespectful 

Before Jamie was put in the hot seat, Martin Gelbspan was called out for his misogynistic comments by the men and questioned by Michelle for his belittling view of her. Martin was also asked if he had a girlfriend during filming and Martin said no, later revealing he did find his soulmate after the show and is learning how to better treat a woman. 

Jamie Skaar was then put in the hot seat as all the men expressed their disappointment in him and the disrespectful comments he made behind their back.

Michelle also called Jamie out for putting her and the men down by claiming they were on spring break mode and that he was above them. Jamie was very defensive for a long while but eventually, he managed to give an apology and admit he was in the wrong. 

This Men Tell All will certainly go down as one of the pettiest and most drama-filled of the franchise. 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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