The Bachelorette viewers feel for Joe Coleman after opening up about life-altering injury to Michelle Young

Joe Coleman films for The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette viewers are now rallying for Joe Coleman even after he had ghosted Michelle Young prior to the show. Pic credit: ABC

As The Bachelorette is winding down, the men continue to make deeper connections with Michelle Young.

Viewers already had an inkling that Michelle had eyes for Joe — even though he had ghosted her prior to her being The Bachelorette.

Rumors even surfaced that she dated Joe before the show which she quickly debunked.

However, Michelle decided to give him another chance as she connected with him since he is from her hometown and also grew up playing basketball.

After Joe opened up about his life-altering injury on his one-on-one with Michelle, viewers started to see what Michelle saw in Joe.

Joe shared that he worked all of his life for and was set to have a career in basketball. However, he had several injuries that were only further instigated when his doctor incorrectly inserted a metal rod in his ankle, which split in half.

After months of rehab, Joe eventually admitted that his career in sports was over. He endured an almost insurmountable amount of anxiety and depression and returned home to Minnesota to reevaluate his life.

The Bachelorette viewers feel for Joe Coleman’s struggles

The Bachelorette viewers sympathized with Joe as he tearfully shared his story.

“You can just [tell] that he’s such a good guy and to see him tell Michelle about his life and struggles right now is just,” one Twitter user wrote along with the “protect” meme.

Another user expressed how they were able to relate to Joe, writing, “As a former athlete that worked SO hard for what I did for it to be cut short due to traumatic injuries this hit hard b/c it destroys your mental health. I respect Joe so much for his story and openness on what he sent though.”

One Bachelor podcast commended Joe for his “total honesty” and sharing “a tough story that touches their shared passion.”

After this date, viewers expressed that they thought Michelle and Joe were a good match for a number of reasons.

One noted that not only Michelle is empathetic but she could relate to his struggles.

“If anyone would understand what comes with expectations and anxiety about sports and injuries it’s Michelle,” they wrote. “Perfect Bachelorette for Joe to open up to.”

Another wrote, “this Michelle and Joe convo is hitting so hard but at the same time I’m just glad they have each other.”

One even commented on just how similar Michelle and Joe are.

“Joe is like the male version of Michelle! They have sooo much in common – too much or just right?” They asked.

Even those who doubted Joe after he ghosted her pre-Bachelorette fame are pulling for him now.

“Oh Michelle my feelings for Joe have grown tremendously after this 1 on 1 too girl,” one user wrote.

One even thinks he should win the whole thing.

They wrote, “Well after this date with Joe I see no reason to have further rose ceremonies.”

Another begrudgingly admitted that after this date they’re “all the way in on Joe.”

Joe has redeemed himself tremendously in the eyes of Bachelor Nation. He got a rose after this one-on-one date, but viewers will have to keep watching to see if Joe makes it all the way to the end.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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