The Bachelorette viewers don’t think Clayton Echard reading mean tweets was funny at all

Clayton Echard in a suit
The Bachelorette viewers react to Clayton’s humiliating ATFR segment. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette’s After the Final Rose special wrapped up Michelle Young’s season in a heartwarming way and it also ushered in Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor with an off-putting segment.

While Michelle Young reached a happy conclusion by getting engaged to Nayte Olukoya, producers decided to start Clayton’s journey off on a more negative note during the special.

Clayton joined solo host Kaitlyn Bristowe on the couch and proceeded to read mean tweets that Bachelor Nation had written about him ever since disappointedly learning that he would be the Bachelor.

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The series of harsh tweets featured jabs like suggesting Clayton’s babies would look like Shrek and wanting anyone else, but especially Rodney Mathews, to be the Bachelor over Clayton. 

It’s unclear what the producers hoped to accomplish with this segment, whether it be humor, guilt, or making Clayton seem more relatable but whatever the intention, it definitely seemed to backfire. 

Many did not find the humor, entertainment, or necessity of Clayton reading these tweets and it mostly just came off as awkward and mean-spirited. Most importantly, The Bachelorette viewers felt the producers misunderstood the real reason behind the disappointment that Clayton is the next Bachelor. 

The Bachelorette viewers react to Clayton reading mean tweets 

While many have been vocal about not being thrilled that Clayton is the Bachelor, viewers were also vocal about their disapproval over the distasteful mean tweets segment of ATFR. 

One fan made a point to say they don’t hate Clayton, they just feel there were a lot of better choices who inexplicably weren’t chosen. The tweet expressed concern for how the “foul” comments might hurt Clayton and make him feel disregarded as a human. 

For some fans, the “reverse psychology” of the segment worked and finally endeared them to Clayton. 

Another viewer acknowledged that the tweets were mean but it didn’t change their belief that Rodney Mathews would be a better bachelor.

The Bachelorette viewers call out producers 

The Bachelorette viewers had a lot to say about the producers behind this segment and felt they were entirely in the wrong.

One viewer appeared to feel that the mean tweets were just as rude as the producers humiliating Clayton by making him read them out loud.

Another critic suggested the show should leave the mean tweets to late-night host Jimmy Kimmel who popularized the segment. 

Producers misunderstood why viewers are upset with Clayton as the Bachelor

Most of the tweets that were selected for Clayton to read made it appear as though The Bachelorette viewers hate Clayton when the issue with his casting goes far deeper. 

One viewer explained that it was particularly cruel to have Clayton read mean tweets because it’s the producers that are the problem since they continue to not grasp “what the audience actually wants from this show.”

Another tweet explained how the mean tweets were unrepresentative of most viewers’ feelings.

Tweet about Clayton Echard
Pic credit: @hereforthebach2/Twitter

And finally, a viewer rightfully noted that none of the tweets highlighted the real issue that Clayton was chosen to be the next Bachelor over several men of color, who would have been great candidates. 

Tweet about Clayton Echard
Pic credit: @DAMitsDevon/Twitter

Clayton made no real impact on Michelle’s season which has led people to feel he was mainly chosen because he reflects the usual white leads the franchise has continued to spotlight for years. 

Did the mean tweets segment endear you to Clayton or just further frustrate you with the franchise? 

The Bachelor premieres Monday, January 3rd at 8/7c on ABC. 

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