The Bachelorette: Tyler Cameron reveals he wanted a shot with Jennifer Aniston

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron says he wanted to give it a shot with Jennifer Aniston. Pic credit: ABC

Tyler Cameron, past contestant and runner-up on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, revealed on the latest episode of Down in the DMs, that after he appeared on the show, celebrities and movie stars would tell him how much they loved him from watching it.

While Tyler was shocked that any of them had watched the show, one person in particular really left him fanboying… and that person was none other than Jennifer Aniston.

What type of interaction did Tyler Cameron and Jennifer Aniston have?

In fact, Tyler declared that at the People’s Choice Awards, Jennifer actually walked by him and asked him how he was doing. During the video, Tyler still looked astonished as he spoke about the interaction, as he was baffled that she even knew his name and who he was. He had always wanted to DM her before this incident had even occurred, too.

Tyler even claimed in the Down in the DMs video, “I would love to shoot my shot with her (but) I think the time has passed. I think she’s really busy for me, and so you know, I guess I didn’t make much of an impression on her at the People’s Choice Awards.”

While Tyler talked about missing his shot with Jennifer Aniston, he also revealed the celebrities that he actually has DM’d before, talking of how he used to be more of a loose cannon in the DM’ing world, but that he has calmed down quite a bit.

Who else has Tyler DM’d and what were the reactions?

He talked about an incident with Selma Blair, and how someone had created a fake Tyler Cameron account and followed her. She followed him back, but then the fake account unfollowed her and she did the same.

How does Tyler know this? Because Selma then DM’ed his real account and left him a long message that read, “So excited to see that you’re following me but I never watched The Bachelorette. You must be a fan of retired ‘90s queen actresses. But you unfollowed me so unfollowed you back!” Tyler laughed and cringed as he told viewers he never messaged her back…and that was 70 weeks ago…

Tyler then talked about the fact that he DM’d T-Pain, and one day T-Pain went live and scrolled through his DM’s…and there was Tyler’s!

Tyler made the comment that his last few relationships started by DM’ing the girl. Then he laughed and said, “Guess I should get back to those DM’s.”

He said if he were to potentially ask a girl out on a date through a DM, it would look something like this: “Would love to take you out some time for dinner, drinks. If you have a boyfriend, then please ignore this message.” He went on to say that really DMs is basically a dating app, where you can meet people you normally wouldn’t, or talk to another celebrity you might be crushing on.

Tyler’s future and next relationship

While Tyler didn’t end up DM’ing Jennifer Aniston, and never got his shot with her, surely he’ll find the girl for him — whether that’s through a DM, or just meeting her in person, or through Bachelor Nation, fans wish him the best of luck.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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