The Bachelorette star Michelle Young is looking for this from a potential husband

michelle young
Michelle Young is looking for lots of positive attiributes from a potential mate. Will she find what she’s looking for when her season of The Bachelorette begins filming this July? Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Michelle Young is looking for this from a potential husband.

Michelle, who came in second place to Rachael Kirkconnell on Season 25 of The Bachelor, spoke to the hosts of The Bachelor Happy Hour, Becca Kufrin and Tayshia Adams, where she revealed what she wants from a mate and the expectations she has for her future.

“The biggest thing I look for in someone is if they have that intrinsic motivation. I’m a very motivated person. I have a lot of goals. I want to make an impact. It’s super important for me to have that in my partner,” said Michelle to the hosts.

“You can bring the best side out of each other when you’re with the right person and I love that. But, also, it’s super important for whoever I’m with to come into that relationship with that intrinsic motivation because that’s something that I’m really attracted to — somebody who is not just going to talk the talk but also walk the walk,” Michelle revealed.

What else inspires Michelle the most in a man? Some of them were present in her former beau Matt James, including sensitivity but she appears to be looking for even more.

Michelle wants a man that will inspire her and is hoping to find that during her Bachelorette journey which will begin this Fall.

Michelle is looking for “emotional intelligence” in a beau

After witnessing some of the worst backbiting The Bachelor had ever seen in its female contestants, Michelle realized that she wants someone who will not only stand up for themselves but her if the case arose.

“Not that you have to be able to perfectly talk about your feelings — but to know what you’re feeling and to be empathetic to the person that you’re with and to be open-minded,” she said of her potential mate.

Michelle is also looking for someone who she can engage in constructive debates with.

“Have an argument with someone who’s close-minded and that’s a really difficult situation. Those are the two things that I’m really looking for.”

Michelle also yearns for someone to share her active lifestyle

Michelle is hopeful that in her Bachelorette journey she has the opportunity to find a mate that enjoys the same types of extracurricular activities as she does. This includes a love of the great outdoors and indoor exercise as well.

“I’m a very active person. I go to the gym, I lift weights, I stay active, I play on club basketball and kickball and all these different things,” the former athlete shared.

“Not that you have to be this chiseled, athletic person, but I want you to be able to live a fit lifestyle with me because I think that’s something that can hold two people together.”

Michelle added, “When life gets busy and you both are going to work and you have all these other things going on, being able to go to the gym together and knock out a quick workout is something that I would love to have in my partner. You gotta be able to keep up with me!”

Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette begins filming this July.

The Bachelorette begins its newest season tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

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