The Bachelorette spoilers: Jenn Tran accidentally shared a huge finale spoiler

Jenn Tran on The Bachelor
Jenn Tran gave away a huge finale spoiler. Pic credit: ABC

Jenn Tran’s season of The Bachelorette is about to start, and Bachelor Nation is more than ready after months of nothing to watch.

But now, we know a huge spoiler about the ending before the premiere date has even passed.

And it’s Jenn Tran’s fault, too, not the spoiler king or anyone else.

Spoilers are fun to learn when you’re looking for them.

But when they are accidentally shared, it’s safe to say that some Bachelorette viewers may not be happy to learn them.

That’s what happened when Jenn made a recent podcast appearance to promote her new leading role.

Jenn Tran accidentally let a huge Bachelorette spoiler slip

It all went down on the Call Her Daddy podcast, where plenty of Bachelor Nation tea has been spilled in recent months.

At the beginning of the podcast, Jenn was chatting with host Alex Cooper when she revealed a major spoiler that could affect how her season is promoted.

She didn’t tell us who she picked, but Jenn revealed that she had left her season engaged.

While excitedly talking about her journey, Jenn explained, “I didn’t know once you get engaged…” before realizing that she slipped up.

Jenn and Alex both tried to backtrack, with Jenn quickly saying, “Once you find love, you can’t take a shot.”

Then, Alex pretended she didn’t know, adding, “I’m hoping. I know you’re not wearing a ring, but, like, we’re obviously hoping you’re engaged if that was what was meant to be.”

Thanks to Reality Steve, we now know who Jenn picked, too. Click here to find out who that is.

Jenn isn’t messing around when it comes to finding love

Promos are dropping ahead of the new season, and in one of them, we learn just how serious Jenn Tran is about finding love.

As usual, The Bachelorette star is tasked with figuring out who is and is not there for the right reasons, and this season won’t be an exception.

What’s interesting is that Noah Erb’s little brother is part of the cast this season, and he doubts the other men early on when he informs Jenn that many of the guys aren’t there for the right reasons.

That prompts Jenn to address her men and question them about whether they’re there for love or fame because, after all, this is a popular reality TV show.

Drama ensues, and Jenn does seem to suss out at least one suitor, whom she finds questionable after he admits he’s falling in love very early on.

The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, July 8 at 8/7c on ABC.

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