The Bachelorette spoilers: Here’s who wins Gabby and Rachel’s season and if they are engaged

Rachel Recchia & Gabby Windey
Rachel and Gabby’s season-ending spoilers were revealed. Pic credit: @pilot.rachel/Instagram; @gabby.windey/Instagram

As this season of The Bachelorette airs, fans have watched both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia go through many ups and downs.

While it has seemed like a roller coaster much of the time, the season is over halfway done, and viewers are beginning to speculate on who the women end up with, if anyone.

Rachel has had a rough go at it the past few weeks, and it seems like she has wanted to walk away numerous times.

Whereas Gabby had one tough group date, where two of the men said some hurtful things to her, she has seemed to thrive since.

However, as fans watched the latest promo video for the upcoming episodes and scenes from those, it looks like the heartache and drama will only continue for both women.

Now Bachelor Nation is wondering if the women will really find their person at the end of their journeys or if they will leave heartbroken.

Reality Steve has released the Bachelorette finale spoilers

According to Reality Steve, Gabby and Rachel leave the show with a guy.

Not only are they just still with the man they chose, but both women are also engaged to them.

Reality Steve has confirmed that Gabby is currently engaged to Erich Schwer, and Rachel accepted a proposal from Tino Franco.

Reality Steve reveals more information about Rachel Recchia’s final men

After Monday night’s episode, when the following promo clip was released, Reality Steve came out and said that basically what you see is what you’ll get.

He confirmed this recently and said it was Zach, Tino, and Aven in Rachel’s final three. While he doesn’t know the exact wording or what went down, he believes that Zach had a conversation with Jesse and self-eliminated.

Reality Steve isn’t sure whether he got cold feet, it was too much for him, he didn’t love Rachel, or he wasn’t ready for the next step, but something eliminates him during the final three.

He went on to say that the preview shows Rachel in Aven’s room crying, so he’s assuming that Rachel sent Aven home before the finale proposal; therefore, he believes Tino is the only one on the final day.

Reality Steve talks about Gabby Windey’s finale

While Reality Steve can’t 100% confirm Gabby’s final two, he did say he’s heard it from three different sources that Jason is the second man in the finale.

However, because he can’t confirm it, he will still say it is a rumor.

Because the preview shows Gabby in Mexico crying and walking, Reality Steve possibly thinks that Jason could have eliminated himself.

However, now the spoilers are out that both women are engaged to Erich and Tino. Hopefully, they will be happy and still together once the season ends and for After the Final Rose.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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