The Bachelorette spoilers: Drama-filled Hometowns bring Katie Thurston to tears

katie thurston
Katie Thurston is brought to tears during the Hometowns episode of The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

In a new teaser trailer for the Hometown episode of The Bachelorette, Katie Thurston is brought to tears during a highly charged and emotional episode of the reality dating series.

Hometowns constitute an important part of the journey for Katie and the remaining contestants in the competition. These competitors include Justin Glaze, Blake Moynes, and Greg Grippo. It is a pivotal episode where the lead meets the men’s families and takes a deeper dive into their backstories. In turn, the families share their opinions regarding Katie’s authenticity with the contestants.

The latest clip revealed a hotbed of emotions between Katie and her remaining suitors.

In one of the first scenes, Greg said while Katie cried, “Who cares about the rose? If it’s not real, it’s not real.”

She cried during a confessional and said, “I just don’t know what to believe in anymore.”

This is the type of drama fans can expect during tonight’s episode, where Katie is faced with a choice she never believed she would have to make.

The Bachelorette Hometowns do not go as planned

Blake was visited by his mother, Emily, who looked him in the eyes and asked her son about his feelings for Katie: “Can you see her as your wife?”

Tayshia also put Blake in the hot seat when she said to her former Bachelorette suitor, “If you’re not ready for this, I feel like you have to say goodbye.”

Katie said to a contestant who was seen off-camera, “I have no words right now.” This clip was spliced with a video of Justin as he looked off-camera.

“I’m losing you; I’m losing my mind here,” Katie stated to what appeared to be a contestant. This was followed by a clip of a car as it drove off.

“All I’m looking for is to find my person, and my person just left,” the show lead said.

Bachelor Nation is in for a tumultuous ride

Bachelor Nation is in for what promises to be a tumultuous upcoming episode.

The above video opened with the men as they confessed their feelings for Katie. In turn, she shared what she expected from her Hometown Dates. “I came here to fall in love, and not just any kind of love. But the forever kind,” Katie said in a voiceover.

“I  have three great guys. Saying ‘I love you’ is something I’ve chosen to keep private. I don’t want to tell one guy I love him until the very end. Now, we’re going into Hometowns, and meeting someone’s family is huge.”

“At the end of this, everybody gets hurt except one man,” Katie said of how her season ends.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.