The Bachelorette spoilers: Aven Jones apologizes for letting Rachel Recchia down

Aven Jones
Aven Jones talks regrets. Pic credit: @aleejonesy/Instagram

Rachel Recchia had a dramatic overnight with one of her three finalists, Zach Shallcross; however, she also had a moment of being blindsided herself when it came to Aven Jones.

While Rachel had revealed to Jesse that it was really hard to say goodbye to Aven because she could truly see them together at the end of her journey, Aven also had some things to say.

Coming face-to-face live in last night’s episode, Aven and Rachel saw each other for the first time since he left the show.

While he was honest in how he felt, he also apologized to Rachel for letting her down and seemingly blindsiding her with the news that he wasn’t sure he could get down on one knee at the end of the journey.

Rachel listened to what Aven had to say, and after she heard his apology, she also basically stated what happened, happened.

She did say she appreciated hearing that from him and respected the fact that they were both true to themselves. Rachel went on to say she wasn’t sure they could have come back from the heated and tense discussion they had and what was said and done.

How Aven Jones feels now after time has gone by

When talking live together, Rachel made the comment, “I don’t know if there’s anything we could have done to salvage it. We were being true to how we felt in the moment, and I respect that.”

In response, Aven took ownership for maybe not knowing what Rachel wanted, but he wasn’t so quick to say that their relationship couldn’t have been saved.

Aven then tried to tell Rachel his side of the story during their talk onstage and how he just didn’t get the time beforehand to let Rachel know how he was feeling going into meeting her family and friends.

He, again, stated that that was on him and his fault, but that he also didn’t want to lie to her parents or loved ones either. This was a huge regret of Aven’s.

Along with that certain thing, Aven also discussed how much he regretted not knowing exactly what Rachel wanted out of the whole experience, and that she was so set on an engagement at the end.

After listening to Aven talk about his regrets, though, Rachel was quick to point out that no one can dwell on the what ifs in life because you do and say what you are feeling at that moment.

What happened with Aven Jones and Rachel Recchia

After meeting Rachel’s family, Aven had told her friends that he wasn’t sure he was ready to propose at the end of the show, but this was news to Rachel.

Finding this out, Rachel felt extremely hurt and confused because according to what Aven had been saying to her, that was not the case.

Rachel had revealed to Jesse that it was really hard to say goodbye to Aven because she could truly see them together at the end of her journey. However, the fact was that she felt blindsided by what Aven had told her the whole time versus what he revealed to her friends, and she wasn’t sure she could get past it.

While she and Aven were on different paths toward the end of her Bachelorette journey, it must have been for a reason, and Rachel stated that, regardless, they can’t go back.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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