The Bachelorette Season 15 Episode 6 recap: The biggest WTF moments

Biggest Bachelorette WTF moments
Here are your biggest WTF moments for Episode 6. Pic credit: ABC/Mark Bourdillon

It’s Monday, which means there’s another episode of The Bachelorette. And given Hannah B’s season of the show has been packed with some great WTF moments, we couldn’t dream of skipping this week’s episode. It didn’t take long for us to get the first one.

Naked bungee jumping

Hannah invited Garrett on a one-on-one date and while she did know that they were bungee jumping, she didn’t realize that they were doing it naked.

As it turns out, this is a tradition for couples in Latvia, so it only made sense for Hannah to do it with someone on the show. Garrett also worried, possibly because he realized it was going to be very cold and he was forced to be naked.

However, they got through it and they could both agree it brought them closer — literally.

The Luke P show – again

Before Garrett’s one-on-one date, Luke managed to steal the show again. He had a conversation with the guys, and they finally told him they were frustrated with him.

But viewers are clearly becoming annoyed with the way Hannah keeps Luke around and how he continues to bring drama every week.

“Her body is her temple” aka slut shaming?

Luke P didn’t believe Hannah actually bungee jumped naked with Garrett. But when she confirmed the news, he called her out.

As it turns out, viewers were not pleased with his comment that Hannah’s body was her temple and she should only share it with her husband.

Some people even called him out for slut-shaming her.

All we can say is that Hannah is allowed to do what she wants and with whomever she wants.

Getting a sauna at Hannah’s place

Oh, Peter!

Peter and Hannah got it on in a sauna and Peter appeared to love it so much that he’s already planning on installing a sauna at Hannah’s house if they make it.

Jed serenading her

After Hannah’s date with Peter, Jed shows up outside of her hotel balcony, serenading her with his guitar playing. However, it seems odd he would do that, given he previously told her that he considered coming on the show to promote his music career.

Well, this solo does confuse things, doesn’t it?

Luke vs. Garrett

Yup, Luke is back again. For some reason, Luke has a really hard time making sense of Hannah’s decision to bungee jump naked with Garrett.

Even though Garrett and Hannah have the same stories and the same points of view, Luke just cannot get his way.

This drama continues to escalate, showing off Luke’s insecurity. Even Hannah took him aside before the episode ended, telling him that she really didn’t know where her feelings were because of his crazy behavior.

Can we all just send Luke home on Hannah’s behalf?

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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